2 Lesbians Beat Up By ‘Good Kid’ In P-Town

“P-town cops say [Eric] Patten was drunk early Saturday when he got tossed out of Vixen nightclub and beat up two lesbians, one of whom was shoved through a window. Cops say Patten, a student at a New York college, spewed anti-gay slurs at the women during the incident outside the Post Office cabaret. He was arrested at the scene as an angry mob looked on, infuriated by his rant, police said.” [Boston Herald]

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  • @Daniel_Baylis

    Wow, I hope he looses his ‘Good Kid’ status…

  • John Santos

    He was arrested at the scene as an angry mob looked on

    Instead of just looking on, they should have pummeled the “good kid” and no one would have had to waste time waiting for the police.

  • thatguyfromboston

    He also mistook the two women for gay men. That’s how drunk he was.

  • Alexa

    @John Santos: Looking at his picture at the link, somebody pummeled him.

    @thatguyfromboston: I hope he doesn’t try using that as a defense.

  • luvrly

    @John Santos:

    And instead of the headline reading ‘Gay Bash by Local’ it wud have been ‘Local good kid mobbed by group of Gays’. Wut wud u rather have as the headline?

  • Andrew

    Click the link and read the Boston Herald article — what a piece of garbage excuse for journalism. “He was arrested at the scene as an angry mob looked on”…. a “mob”? Really? “angry mob”? Curious that it’s not an angry “group of bystanders” or an “angry crowd”, etc. No… it’s a “angry mob”. There’s a picture of the kid with the Herald article — he looks like a prick. (I know I know… don’t judge a book by its cover… But still, he looks like a prick)

  • atdleft

    @@Daniel_Baylis: I think he now has.

    @Andrew: We’re not. We’ve seen his ugly action, so I think it’s OK to say he looks like a prick. He certainly acted like one in starting that fight!

  • Bri

    @Alexa: He was kicked out of a bar so he probably had gotten into a bar fight previously.

  • Bri

    @Bri: Whoops, it was a nightclub not a bar.

  • Andrew

    @atdleft: I’m with ya. I was saying that it’s bad journalism to use the words “angry mob” to describe the onlooking crowd.

  • CHIP

    I was there this weekend, just not at the club of the incident. This was “Baby Dyke” Weekend and those boyish lesbian get very rowdy and some can definately be mistaken for a boy. And after the bars/clubs close at 1, the “Sidewalk Sale” at Spiritus Pizza can definately be viewed as a rowdy mob! As for the town, there really is some tension between the straight locals and the gay/lesbian locals/tourists. One of the few predominately straight hangouts, the Governor Bradford, has created it’s own gay night to increase revenues named “Fag Bash”…interpret that as you will…

  • TANK

    It was baby dyke wkd! ha ha. What a loser! It’s too bad they didn’t have a gun on them or something. Or not, as that could have escalated things for the worst (them getting killed). He won’t really be punished for this, I imagine. I’m glad this stuff never happens to me to anymore, because I’d kill without hesitation.

  • alejandro

    @TANK: :| i hope this was a joke..

  • TANK


    Yes, a joke. Of course…as I’d never actually want someone to be killed or murder anyone. It wasn’t all that funny, though, was it…strange.

  • stephen kay


    I am not joking when I say that I would kill to defend myself from a homophobic bashing.

  • DeAnimator

    Beating up anyone out of prejudice. Not “good”.

  • schlukitz

    Isn’t it interesting how homophobes go looking for trouble.

    Did anyone come to his door and start with him?

    No, he had to go to a known gay enclave, enter a lesbian bar and pick a fight…with women, no less.

    Now, that’s a real man…standing up for his “rights”. *sarcasm front on*

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