2 Married Guys Pick Their Top 10 Hottest YouTubers

The complete objectification of random men on the Internet who I’ve never met? I have no idea why you think that sort of thing would have a home on this website. But the Leffews — Queerty‘s unofficial official family mascot — braved YouTube to find their Top 10 sexiest vloggers. Oh, so this is what you daddies are doing when not producing documentaries about Prop 8?

It’s lengthy, but if you’ve never spent even 10 minutes trolling YouTube, it’s a decent primer.

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  • Jeremyrh2387

    Finally finished the video! It was cute, but the ten they chose were not.


    There has been a serious breach of Queerty protocol!

    They allowed a thread to be posted with the words “YouTube” and “Vlogger” and there was not a single mention of Davey Wavey in that tub!!! :p

  • Javier

    Actually The do mention him… XD


    @Javier: Ohh well, I really didn’t have the 19:35 to watch the entire thing………. :p

  • MMDD

    These two guys are the most adorable couple! I think they are easily two of the hottest guys on youtube themselves.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    I can’t go on YouTube because once I do, it’ll be *hours* before I stop going from link to link to link. Kinda addictive.

    A week without Davey Wavey!
    Ah, now I can breathe!
    Thank you Que.erty!

  • demonyc

    lookswise, but not necessarily politically, i like ‘world’s strongest redneck”. these picks are all too twinky, although big joey is getting close to hotbeartown.

  • Sam

    No Davey Wavey? No Scott Herman? Hmm, these guys seem biased towards beef and hair. Not my taste, but, mmmkay.

  • depfox

    Sam I agree Scott Herman is a hot guy but when we made our list we really wanted to feature less known guys….As for Davey Wavey I would rather make out with my dryer lint….I dont see what men see in him at all.

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