2 Men Dance Together, Kiss On Reality Talent Show And Nobody Dies

In the United States, watching two man dance together on a reality television contest scares industry professionals. In Brazil, it’s simply hot.

These two gents recently appeared on Qual É O Seu Talento? (What Is Your Talent?). Sure, there were gasps in the audience (and a noticeable “Uhhhh!” from the show’s Ryan Seacrest) when the pair smooched at the end, and while I don’t speak Portuguese, I think the judges liked it?

Queerty reader Luc Santos says this is the first gay kiss on Brazilian television — or at least the first “more than a peck” kiss.


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  • sfsilver

    Nigel Lithgoe’s head would explode if the obviously gay (to my expertly ttrained eye) male contestants on “So You Think Can Dance” tried anything remotely like this. Even worse resident out homo Adam Shankman (Who I’m convinced was added to the panel specifically to squash the anti-gay complaints that Nigel’s very real homophobic biases had garnered) and fag hag Mia Michael’s play along and participate in the criticism of male dancers who don’t pass an unquantifiable “masculinity” test when dancing.

  • sfsilver

    and did anyone notice that the most revealing thing in this video is that it exposes the secret of where Santa Claus summers. He’s a judge on this Brazilian reality show!


    @sfsilver: 100% Co-Sign to all you stated. What absolutley has me gobsmacked (tossed in a British term for Nigel there) is Billy Bell, he is constantly praised as virtually the best dancer out of all the seasons. And yet the very obviously Gay dancer is consistently in the bottom three week after week.

    Goes to show that even on a freakin’ dance competition how deep the homophobia runs in this country……….

  • A Gay Mormon Boy

    This video had an incredible impact on me. After two years in Brazil as a missionary, I came to love the country in every sense. It only makes me prouder and more enamored with the culture.

  • Bob

    Is anyone else getting an error message when they try to play this?

  • Jon

    @Bob: Youtube has been having problems today.

    The dance routine is quite nice, it reminds me of “la la la human steps”

  • Mike L.

    They all liked it, the girl said she’d never seen men dance tango before (men used to dance it together before women were allowed as far as I can remember reading about it, so it was two men dancing it together in the past), the only critique I could understand was the guy with long white hair, a hat and glasses said that there were some issues with synchronization but other than that it was good.

    LOL on the host hahahaahahahaaa!!!

    P.s. Gustavo looks like Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese -from portugal- soccer star).

  • TommyOC

    @Mike L.: I was thinking the same thing about Gustavo! He definitely looks a lot like Cristiano Ronaldo.

    As for the act, I thought it was a little unpolished. Neither had a sense for grace and fluidity. But other than that, it was well done and kudos for them for doing it!

  • Jeffree

    I find it more e-rot-ic to watch two guys kiss than do that other thing two guys do in some “special” movies !

    Kissing is an art form you need to practice every day, just like dancing, painting or karate!

  • Rasa


  • Ethan

    Have you noticed when it’s done in America it’s always really queeny guys…This is what we need some masculine dancing…

  • Blake J



  • jason

    Why is it that two women can dance together in an ordinary nightclub but, if two men do it, everyone has a hissy fit or gets a bit uncomfortable, including women? The answer is “women”. Women like to exploit double standards. Women want male-male to be oppressed. It’s how women have operated through history.

    I keep telling my gay friends that women are not these nice, innocent creatures they sometimes claim to be. Female sexuality is a form of whoredom. Male-male intimacy diverts attention from their female egos, thus women get jealous and do everything in their power to oppress male-male sexuality.

    At least half of all homophobia is due to women.

  • Ethan

    @Jason, I agree 100% with you…wanted to get that out there before the crazies try to have your post removed. You are absolutely correct…

  • hotnipp

    wish there had been subtitles for this vid.

  • Kieran

    This could NEVER be shown on American TV because, you know, this type of homoeroticism could easily turn straight men gay just by watching it. This kind of thing MUST remain taboo and strictly out of sight.

  • Vegan!


    A professor of anthropology once gave me a better explanation for anti-gay male homophobia. She said it more eloquently than I, but here’s the gist:

    We live in a patriarchal society. Thus, a womon [the “lesser” gender] who strives to be like a man [the “better” gender] receives no criticism.

    But a man who strives to be like a womon is reviled.

    It has to do with the fact that men are perceived as “better” in our society.

  • Phil

    “At least half of all homophobia is due to women.”

    Well duh. Half of the population is female.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @jason: Man, your mom really fucked you up. I’ve never, ever, met a gay man as obsessed with denigrating women and black guys as much as you (not even guys sexually obsessed with Black guys talk about them as much as you.) I mean, making the same comment in thread after thread about women (and Blacks) and then creating aliases to agree with your original statement…don’t you get tired?? Who are you trying so hard to convince??? How do you have this kind of time?? I’ve recently been laid off but even I couldn’t spend this kind of time obsessing on Queerty as you do. All bullshit aside, I really think you need to get some help. If you can’t afford to, there are free clinics all over major cities where you can get some free or discounted therapy.

  • Jeffree

    @ James in Cambridge: Thanks for saying that. I couldn’t put the right words together to respond to Jason’s post, but now I don’t have to. He & 11+ aliases need help — or *better* help than “they” are currently getting !
    Their anger seems to get worse by the day.

    Sorry to hear about yr work situation. Best of luck to you. i have a short term gig as homehealth aide to someone who sleeps 18 hours a day ;-) but once this over it’s back to waiting tables……

  • jason

    James from Cambridge,

    I don’t really care what you think. I have my beliefs and that’s that.


    I do partly agree with you. My point is that women are both victims and supporters of patriarchy. Women – dear sweet little innocent victims that they claim to be – subtly and not-so-subtly promote patriarchal values with the choices they make. Genuine GLBT people are the victims of the women who enable patriarchy.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @Jeffree: Good luck to you too. I did the home health/personal care assistant thing briefly years ago but I’m hoping for something else to come along this time….

  • Jeffree

    @James of Cambridge:
    And our pal Jason is just slipping down a couple rungs on the sani-ty ladder every day. Very noisy!
    You must be good luck. I just sold a sketch (comedy) to someone who has hit a dry spell.

    That cheque means I don’t have to go back to the restaurant where my boss rants hourly about the q u e e r s. Working here with my semi-comatose guy doesn’t pay so well but gives me time to study for school, write & practice the comedy. And wifi !

    i hope you find decent work soon!
    Keep posting. i’ll keep reading!
    Best to you & yours:

  • jason

    I am in no mood for obedient gay men who are too afraid to offend women in case it splits the coalition of the disparate. I’m sorry, guys, but you need to be tougher with women.

    Women are huge enablers of homophobia. Not only that, they hypocritically support the bisexual double standard, a double standard that is designed to give them privileges. As far as I’m concerned, female culture can fuck off.

  • Chris Marshall

    I loved how the host of the show actually screamed in surprise. If you ask me I think he got a little jolt out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, one of the dancers has a YouTube channel “rodrigo123dance” (and a twitter “rodrigo110789”) and he posted the following description:

    “It is a choreography of professional character without any apology to homosexualism”

    I don’t know if any of the two is gay or whatever, but I think he sounds pretty scared.

    I mean really, his choice of words, this reminds me “apology to crime”. I mean in Brazil if you defend marijuana use in public you can be arrested for “apology to drug use”.

  • Anonymous

    I mean, he went all the way to comment in one of the videos people posted to explain that “the kiss is not gay” (“o beijo não é gay”) but rather “an exclusively professional work” (“um trabalho exclusivamente profissional”).

  • Anonymous

    Now, suppose two straight guys would get paid to do porn (ie. have sex with each other on camera), that would be straight porn right? Or maybe just “art” no? Like, “exclusevily professional work”.

  • Max


    Bisexual double standard is that imposed on heterosexual men from the straight-porn industry. Women of the victims themselves. Many young women like gay erotica and they want two young bisexual guys. It takes attention. Offer the dream of two bisexual sex as a womens heterosexual fantasies. This will help men to stop suppressing its attraction to men, their gomoerotism. Annihilate the double standards that demean gay guys and bi guys!

  • jason


    Women are enablers of the bisexual double standard. To understand this, you need to understand the devious nature of female culture.

    In the past, women enabled male heterosexual fantasy by wearing revealing clothing. This wearing of revealing clothing reflects the fact that the sexual revolution basically paved the way for women to retreat to a form of prostitution to market themselves to men. Class went out the door and over-sexualized clothing became fashionable. Not surprisingly, the same didn’t apply to men.

    Nowadays, women have added “female bisexuality” to the list. This abuse of the concept of female bisexuality is a typically tacky female ploy designed to draw attention to the female ego and to achieve some end that is unrelated to female sexual satisfaction. It’s got nothing to do with GLBT acceptance but everything to do with pleasing men, often for a financial gain.

    I also refer to it as “patriarchal lesbianism” wherein the practise of lesbian activity by these women is strictly designed to “turn a man on” rather than to reflect an innate orientation of the woman.

    Unless we in the GLBT community act to oppress these women, our precious orientation-based movement risks being destroyed. It truly is that serious.

  • Jeffree

    @Jason: Youre about a half minute away from becoming that guy in the ER with a tinfoil hat who thinks extraterrestrials planted a special chip in his brain.

    get help.
    Such hatered is very bad for the cardiovascular system.

  • Max


    I do agree with you that a lot of women really apply double bisexual standards for their selfish ends. They want to win some points due to their attractive appearance, but this is not a rule for all women. Now many girls don’t regard themselves as objects of the sexual game only, but they also act as its subjects.

    Besudes, the fashion for fake female bisexuality was generated by heterosexual men in the straight porn industry and only them! That is also called “male gaze”.

    And I agree that this is a really serious problem which discriminates and segregates gays and bi boys and build a ghetto for them. We should take some actions in the direction of solving this problem!
    But we can change a little by criticising fake bi women. In this situation we may break double standards by the same response! It is neccessary to advance male bisexuality on all levels. This is the only way we can ruin teh double standards!
    Possessing two charming bi men should become a fetish fantasy for women. Realizing that one girl can have two men at the same time would encourange a woman’s ambition, sexuality and self-esteem! This will create the background when boys should stop suppressing their attraction to each other. Men should also see the favours thay can benefit from their bisexuality! This will leave no space for homophoby. Everything is easy!

    I can also remark that girl of 15-25 sympathize gays very much. And their number is enlarging every year. They are excited with the very fact of sexual intimacy between men. They like gay serials, films as well as gay and bi porn. But fake pseudo-lesbi kisses cause only disgust among them!

  • jason


    While I agree with some of your points, I don’t agree that male bisexuality is best served by a threesome paradigm. Male bisexuality isn’t about threesomes.

  • jason


    You need to agree with me. The truth will set you free.

  • Max

    Any idea can be advanced! Remember Antiquity – male bisexuality is a norm! So MMF sex even is more harmonious)) It is neccessary to advance male bisexuality on all levels. And only this variant can be to solve a problem of double standards.

  • Rob Moore

    @sfsilver: Even though Alex was injured and had to drop out, seeing him dance a tango with Robert would have been the hottest dance on the show, ever.

  • maxpines

    I didn’t have anything intellectual to add. I just want to say that these guys are soooooo hot.

    (Gustavo can have my number any day.)

  • Dave

    If I could find the guy of my dreams, I would french kiss him forever and ever….Dave

  • Jane


    I know what you think you’re saying, but what you’re actually saying is that the culture of masculinity that keeps women down is to be blamed on the women for participating in it when they have no choice. Your hatred of women plays into the same culture that hates gay men for being “too feminine.” I’m not sure how you seem to realize half of that but are so blind to the other half that you apparently think that straight men are going to be cool with homosexuality as soon as women stop playing into the culture of masculinity.

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