2 Milwaukee Teens Taunt Gay Man On Bus, Show Up Later At His Job, Get Arrested

Charges of disorderly conduct are what two teens, ages 16 and 17, face after threatening a 20-year-old gay man on a bus in Wauwatosa, outside Milwaukee — then showing up at his job at the mall later in the day. Taunting him on the bus, the teens were kicked off by the driver after the man complained, but they managed to find out where he worked after spotting his work ID badge — and before getting off the bus, they allegedly told him they’d be there to kick his ass.

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    Wow, this is just sad. Hate is a learned behavior, therefore it can be stopped. It kills me when the younger ones, those who will be taking over in the future, display the hatred that they picked up from the older ones who are supposed to know better.

  • jason

    The younger ones are the worst. They’ve learned their homophobia from MTV-enabled music acts like Eminem and an assortment of black rap and hip-hop acts.


    Too bad the little scumbags won’t ever spend a day in jail. Will plead to a lesser charge and get an ACOD………Guarantee after a few beers one of them “falls asleep” and finds his cock in the other ones mouth………..

  • James UK

    Send them to Atlanta!

  • Jaroslaw

    There is always a chance that this will wake them up. I’m hoping they learn their lesson…….

  • scott ny'er

    @jason: Ahhh but where did these asswipes learn their behavior before there was MTV and the idiots on those type of channels.

    I and I’m sure many others ran into hateful teenagers before MTV existed and I think they learned that shite from their family and friends. OR they are just hateful people to the core.


    @jason: Jason, believe it or not, I actually agree with you on this one. After reading through the comments section at the link to the online milwaukee paper, I can safely assume that these kids were black, so it is also likely that they were heavily influenced by homophobic black hip-hop artists. The people who tortured and killed Matthew Shepard were black, as well as the two Marines who beat the crap out of that poor gay guy in Savannah, Georgia who thought he was winking at them. Maine, a majority-black state, recently voted to ban gay marriage, but what did you expect? In Montana, another unfortunately overwhelmingly black state, the GOP called for making homosexuality ILLEGAL. Focus on the Family, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the U.S. Congress which steadfastly denies gays and lesbians the right to openly serve in their country’s military, are ALL black-run organizations. Ignorant homophobic parents in low-income trailer parks in Idaho, Utah, and West Virginia are usually always black, as well as EVERY FUCKING KID WHO TAUNTS THE ‘EFFEMINATE’ KID IN GYM CLASS. In all cases they are ALWAYS black, without exception. Therefore, I think it stands to reason that the the decent, hardworking, homo-loving white people of this country need to stand up to these queerbashing black cro-magnons before they take this country down the same road that Hitler (also black of course) did in the thirties and forties. I mean, it’s not like there are ignorant homophobes in EVERY RACE, right Jason?
    Yes, for once, we finally agree!

  • SomethingElse

    There Are More Just Like Me: Just a side point. No two marines in Savannah beat the crap out of a gay man. One marine punched him once in the back of the head. The “victim” was out of the hospital and running around town the next day.

  • SomethingElse

    Jason : That’s true, but it’s only a certain type of lowlife young person who is like that. The majority of people under 30 in the U.S. are pro-gay marriage and everything else and don’t care about such things.

  • Lincoln


    Um, no, the two boys who tortured and killed Matt Shepard were NOT black. They were white kids. Their names were Russell Arthur Henderson and Aaron James McKinney, and their pictures are readily available on Matthew’s Wikipedia page here:


    I also read the article and the comments and see no reason to “safely assume” the boys who did this were black.

    I’m calling you out for racism, and think it’s “safe to assume” you just hate black people and would rather blame them for all the problems LGBT people face instead of fighting against an entire anti-queer system kept propped up by powerful WHITE people.

  • Lincoln

    And you know what else? The state legislatures who pass all these anti-gay laws and refuse to protect trans people? Made up of 99% white people. Congress? 98% white, and mostly male. The court system, that until very recently, has not consistently decided in gay people’s favor (and really is not caught up on trans rights at all), 98% white, and again mostly male.

    Honestly, whatever antigay impact black folks have is nearly negligible. Focus on the Family and all those other orgs that use gay hatred as a money making tool are also run by white people.

    So talking about black people as holding gay people back is crappy racis trope that also erases black gay people.

  • Tackle

    @Lincoln: apparently what @THERE ARE MORE JUST LIKE ME: wrote, went WAAAY over your head.
    Let me help you. It was REVERSE SARCASM used to disprove Jasons point.
    Get it now??

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