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  • whatever

    If I were the Indian, I’d keep running!

  • Jimmy

    I’ve always loved this song and the video is adorable. Good job!

  • James

    Umm…..well maybe its because the White guys in this case, are British.

    I’m Indian-American, and I live in a major US city with a large gay population. From my experience, all of the (American) White/ Caucasian gay guys I’ve met and befriended, are only interested in dating other White guys. And if they are looking for someone more “exotic”, then they’ll go for a Latino or Asian “gaysian” boyfriend.

    Come on, White gay men of America……give us Indian guys a chance!

    P.S. We’re good in bed too. Our ancestors did write the Kama Sutra, after all.

  • Marc

    @James: Oh, James, you are the dream that I have been waiting for! With skin as white as newly fallen snow, I’m not interested in dating only white guys. I’ve drooled over Indian men for years, only dreaming that one day my Prince would ride up and take me away. I’m looking for the exotic, and Southeast Asia is my destination. Want to be my tour guide?

    P.S. Could you tutor me in Kama Sutra? PLEASE, OH PLEASE!

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @James: I am attracted to Indian guys, but oddly when I as an African American say hello to them, they aren’t interested. So, I am going to say that Indians are just as stuck on race in America.

  • Ben

    This video and the outtakes were a lot of fun; thanks.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    I’m a white guy OPEN to all races

  • Black Pegasus

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: Most of us Black guys have no hang-ups about who we date/fuck in terms of Race. But as your experienced just described, most Whites, Asians, Indians, and even some Latinos are only interested in Whites. For me, I choose to date people within my own race because I have NO TIME for the Bullshit and Games perpetuated by Gay guys of other races. Most White guys that show interest in me only want to have their BLACK COCK FETISHes satisfied. I have on occasion, met some really cute guys from my gym and university whom are quite genuine.

    @James – Don’t be the Typical SNOW HOE!
    You Lust after White Men as if they are the Temple for all that is Pure and Just..You can date outside of your race without losing yourself and your dignity. Learn to Love yourself and show some self respect. Indian Men are beautiful! And you should know that!

  • sweetnovember

    @Charlie Jackpot:
    i,m black guy who,s attracted to white guys but with no luck so far, may be coz i don,t take steps or approch them so i just keep Fantasizing about them.

  • Black Pegasus

    @sweetnovember: Do you even realize how sad and pathetic your post is? SMH

  • tim

    hmm so where are you? indian men are hot!

  • kumar

    For me, it is more of who i am comfortable with.I would love to date a black guy.I have a huge crush for john amaechi.I dont prefer white guys.They think highly of themselves. Most hot indian men are straight. It is hard to find a decent gay indian men.

  • oldschool

    @Black Pegasus:

    “But as your experienced just described, most Whites, Asians, Indians, and even some Latinos are only interested in Whites.”

    That’s not true. As an Indian studying in London, I like guys from all races including Blacks. You guys have really nice physique and great lips, for god’s sake. :) Just that I’m concerned about the percent HIV prevalence, which is the highest amongst black gays compared with other races at least here in the UK. If only this fear of HIV wasn’t there, I wouldn’t mind dating any fit guy of my age, be them of any race. ;)

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