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2 Women Many Assume to Be Gay Will Make a Movie Together

Queen Latifah (who has a “personal trainer”) and Dolly Parton (who as an “assistant”) will film Todd Graff’s Joyful Noise, playing “two women who join forces to prevent a small-town gospel choir from shutting down. … Latifah will play the mother of two teens who is put in charge of the Pacashau Gospel Choir after the death of its choir director, while Parton will appear as the choir director’s widow who hopes to take over her late husband’s job.” So, nothing in common with Set It Off?

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  • Hilarious


  • dukeofhurl

    You are missing an “h” in the second word after the first “Parton. “

  • Marcus

    Am I missing something? I’ve never once heard in my life any rumor about Dolly Parton being gay. Her fans on the other hand….

  • Mountainword

    I don’t really care about the subject matter of this movie, but I love both these broads and will see this movie regardless! C’mon – remake “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”!

  • hephaestion

    No one on Earth assumes Dolly Parton is gay, except, apparently, the idiots at Queerty. Dolly is, however, very pro-gay, has a dear lesbian best friend, and loves her gay fans. God bless her.

  • Ash

    @Marcus: I’m with you, Marcus. Why do people think she’s gay?

  • s_b

    Yeah, I’ve never heard anything to even remotely substantiate the Dolly Parton rumor either…

  • Jeffree

    Dolly Parton may not be on the same level as Cyndi Lauper for being vocal about LGB rights, but she’s been a friend. She’s also a smart business woman, retaining rights to all of her words and music.

    I doubt if she’s lesbian, and frankly it’s none of my business. I still think the film “9 to 5” is hilarious. It’s corny, I grant you, but it’s very funny.

  • Syl

    Dolly is gay? Since when? Anyway, I love them both, and will see their movie. Probably. Unless it gets awful reviews.

  • axos

    I too love them both. Great women! Just a little sorry about Dolly’s weight loss and perhaps face, but that’s just exterior.

    (Btw, thinking about all the mean tabloids making fun of Michael Jackson’s bad plastic surgery over the years, why have they left Dolly alone? I’m glad they did, but why him and not her? Big talents both.)

  • Samwise

    I’ve never heard rumors about Dolly Parton being a lesbian. Why would anyone think that? Just because she’s a friend to our community?-

    @axos: I think they left Dolly alone for a few reasons:

    1) She’s a woman, and it’s more socially acceptable for a woman to get plastic surgery than for a man to get plastic surgery.
    2) All her plastic surgery made her look MORE like a woman, whereas Jackson’s surgery made him look less masculine.
    3) Also, his surgery made him look white, which brought up questions of race-based self-hatred.
    4) Also, Dolly Parton may look like she’s had a ton of work done, but she still looks relatively natural. Michael Jackson chiseled his nose to an anime-style point until it looked like it was falling off.
    5) When you speak to Dolly Parton, she seems like a regular, down-to-Earth girl with a quick wit. Whereas Michael Jackson was always kind of weird.
    6) Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Dolly Parton ever denied getting plastic surgery. Whereas Michael Jackson did deny it, long after it became painfully obvious.

  • adam

    @axos: Probably partially because she actually owned up to it. Jackson tried to get away with saying his face changed due to his aging…

  • axos

    Samwise and Adam: Thanks!

    You’re probably right that partly it has to do with her being a woman, though other men also do plastic surgery – sometimes as bad as Michael’s – without being crucified the way Michael Jackson was. Also, she is more skilled at keeping her private life private. We never see her husband, we don’t know what she’s doing, but we leave her alone, and I think that may be because she looks like someone who can take care of herself. Michael was mysterious and very vulnerable, and that attracts the sharks. And he sold much more papers.

    I think MJ’s first surgeries were OK, just thinning the nose he had been so teased for. He admitted to that. And he might as well do it, because when his vitilago caught up with him, the very broad nose would have looked strange. Then sadly, he went overboard.

    People should have felt sorry for him for that, it was so obviously a disorder, and the media could have been more respectful. You don’t have to brutalize people to sell copies.

    Btw, I never thought he looked feminine. Maybe the voice created that impression. Had he used his own voice, it would have been a different matter.

  • Daez

    @hephaestion: Also, she has a husband and has single handedly transformed the once proud small broke town of Pigeon Forge, TN into a place where almost everyone can get a job. She employees half the town and the rest are employed by businesses that exist mostly because of Dollywood. The woman is simply amazing. She is one of those that started off poor, got rich, but never forgot where she came from.

  • Daez

    @axos: Perhaps you aren’t old enough to remember, but back in the 80s when she was arguably at the height of her popularity and an up and coming star, there were pretty much weekly stories talking about how her boobs were fake and there have been countless stories since then about her plastic surgery. She never really reached the popularity that MJ did, and her work wasn’t as extreme. Plus, she is country, so she runs in a completely different crowd then a pop performer.

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