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20% Of Straight Brits Would Like Fewer Gays In Television Programming, Thank You

One in five Brits don’t like the way LGBT characters are portrayed on television, according to a BBC study. And by “portrayed” we mean “seen”: “A survey found that 18% feel ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘very uncomfortable’ with it, even after the 9pm watershed. Just under half of respondents said they were either comfortable or ambivalent. Around a fifth of straight people said there was too much content relating to gay people on TV generally, although 46% said the volume was about right. Many lesbians felt there were not enough gay women on TV and most were portrayed either as ‘butch’ or ‘lipstick lesbians’.” Heh, remember when the activist group Stonewall found “gay people were portrayed positively and realistically for just 46 minutes in 126 hours of TV programmes”?

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