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20 unabashedly queer moments from 2019 for which we’re giving thanks

Need a little inspiration for when everyone at your Thanksgiving table says what they’re grateful for? We’re listing 20 times that queerness prevailed in 2019 so far, whether they were grand gestures that made national news or random acts of radical love that made the world a more inclusive place.

  1. That time when a proud father wanted to show off his son and his son’s “boy toy” to his coworkers
  2. That time when Anthony Bowen updated his labels (since, as you know, sexuality is fluid)
  3. That time when Ellen Page asked Chris Pratt to discuss his church’s anti-LGBTQ reputation
  4. That time when Frank Ocean showed off his queer AF thigh tattoo
  5. That time when shirtless hunk Andrew Gurza promoted the hashtag #DisabledPeopleAreHot
  6. That time when a Twitter user shared a viral story about bookstore customers teaming up to talk a gay man out of self-harm
  7. That time when Virgin Atlantic introduced Rain Bow, a gay man, as one of its new mascots
  8. That time when former Bachelor star Nick Viall said that he made out with a guy for the first time and that it “was hot.”
  9. That time when the drug nuns known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence used their fans to drown out far-right hate speech
  10. That time when Grindr boasted about its trans female users
  11. That time when Cracker Barrel refused to serve an anti-gay pastor
  12. That time when esports legend SonicFox — who had already come out as gay and furry — came out as non-binary, too
  13. That time when an Instagram user raved about being Black, bisexual, and fabulous
  14. That time when a cop who was once told to “tone down his gayness” laughed all the way to the bank with $19.9 million in damages
  15. That time when Apple CEO Tim Cook called being gay “God’s greatest gift”
  16. That time when British poet Dean Atta, a.k.a. The Black Flamingo, described “How to Come Out as Gay”
  17. That time when two cuties shared a choreographed dance on their first date and it was all shown on British television
  18. That time when black playwright Jeremy O. Harris lit up Broadway with his masterpiece Slave Play
  19. That time when 200 high schoolers staged a walkout to support a classmate the school administration threatened to out as gay
  20. That time when a student at a Christian university summoned the energy of Taylor Swift and rainbow tassels to come out as gay
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