Sing it out

20-year-old’s Pride anthem goes viral because, well, it’s amazing!

We barely knew what a Pride anthem was when we were 20, but Alabama-based rapper/singer Chika is over here creating her own.

Using Ed Sheeran’s track “Shape of You” as a backdrop, Chika flows about Pride. “Yo, let me tell you about Pride, struggle to survive/Living every day with your loving under fire. People questioning the ways that you self-identify. But who you choose to date isn’t ever on your mind,” she raps.

She shared a portion of her track on Twitter, writing alongside the video, “Happy #PrideMonth. Never be ashamed of who you are.”

“And y’all repeat the rhetoric just like a class was taken/… and you were born a certain way and told you had to hate it,” she continues.

Chika’s video has been liked over 21K times and retweeted almost 10K times as of this writing.

And the love has been rolling in:

To the above question, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Here’s the full version:

Unsurprisingly, there are still some haters out there, which makes Chika’s message of self love even more potent.

If you want to hear more from this talented young artist, check out her SoundCloud or watch the below video she made to mark her 20th B-day: