Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and their respective teams are hammering out a deal ahead of tomorrow’s “Unity” meeting in New Hampshire. And, as such, everyone’s speculating over how the former rivals can come together for the general election. While some are optimistic about the pairing, MSNBC political analyst Michelle Bernard senses something may be amiss: “I don‘t think she‘s ever really going to like him. She might like him more if all of her campaign debt gets paid off. But I think there‘s a 2012 strategy here.” [MSNBC]

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  • Dom

    TV “journalist” Bernard has the intelligence of a flea and the journalistic ethics of Hearst. She is another TV newsperson who just says whatever comes into her head without having any facts to back it up, like the big news that Hillary supporters would all flock to McCain. Where do they find these people? They must have gotten their journalism degrees fron the same schools that the Bush Justice Department got their law degrees – Stupidity U.

  • Chris

    Why does Hillary have to “like him” or support him? Just because she’s from the same political party does not mean she has to support someone she doesn’t feel is right for the most powerful position in the world.

  • todd

    The Bushes and the Clintons are more about protecting their own brands than their prospective parties. Don’t tell me that Jeb isn’t plotting a 2012 run against Hillary. It’s a joke – but the good news is maybe one family or both will successfully destroy their respective party.

  • emb

    Jeb may need to plot a 2012 run against an incumbent Obama, Todd.

  • RPCV

    I hope Hillary really rocks the boat and kicks Hussein’s ass right back to where he came from – Kansas……..

    McCain/Crist ’08

  • emb

    Cute use of Obama’s middle name, RPCV, but it’s a bit rude: he doesn’t go by that. Shall we start referring to that republican grandmpa as Sidney? Seems confusing.

  • Mr C

    It won’t matter The DNC will not let her attempt 2012 I don’t see it. Hillz has a trust factor issue going on with some people manily because of Bill but who knows time will tell. But depending on how this election turns out. The Dems party may be more damaged than we all think.

  • The Banania Blogger

    …Am I the only person who thinks that people should follow Chris Crocker’s example and leave Hillary alone? Christ, she gave an 30 minute speech about how her shit was over and why it was important to elect Obama less than a week after the last primary of a 17-month hard-fought campaign. She just started her tour for him, and her husband has released a statement saying he’ll do whatever he’s asked (which you *know* he only did ’cause she made him). What the hell does she have to do – give him a kidney?

  • RPCV

    The Banania Blogger: As a bleeding heart liberal who’s sooo respectful of everyone’s rights and diversities, why did you take the Christian savior’s name in vain?? If you take Mohammed’s name in vain, you’ll be stoned to death. Shouldn’t you apologize???

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