Out Festing

Is 2021 the best Outfest ever? The must-see titles from the AWESOME lineup.

Boy Culture: The Series

Outfest, the inimitable LGBTQ-themed film festival based in Los Angeles, has returned for another year. This year's lineup also has us convinced: it might be the best Outfest lineup ever.

In an even more fortuitous turn, Outfest will also allow festival members to view titles from home anywhere in the USA. That gives attendees a great chance to catch some of these awesome titles ahead of the rest of the world; most debut at the festival true-indie style, without a distributor or release date set. As a general rule, all titles will be available to stream online the day following their in-person screening.

But which titles land in the can't-miss category, you wonder? That's why we're here, folks. In addition to an advance look at the upcoming releases Ma Belle, My Beauty, My Name is Pauli Murray and Everybody's Talking About Jamiecheck out our must-see titles from Outfest 2021.

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Gemmel & Tim

With double murderer Ed Buck finally rotting away with his prison sentence, director Michiel Thomas takes a tender look at two people lost amid the media circus: Buck’s victims. Gemmel & Tim recounts the lives of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, the two gay, African-American men seduced and killed by Buck. Featuring extensive interviews with friends, family, activists and some of Buck’s other victims lucky enough to escape him with their lives, Thomas humanizes and eulogizes the two vibrant souls lost to a monster. Thomas also dives further into Buck’s personal connections that shield him from arrest for years–with frightening and infuriating implications. It’s an empathetic portrait of two lives lost, a monument to the activists that encouraged Buck’s arrest, and a scathing indictment of systemic ineptitude.

August 15.

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