$2.2 Million In Q Television Case

Former Q Television executive Frank Olsen better start looking for work.

A California judge ruled yesterday that Olsen must pay his former employees $2.2 million in back pay. The network collapsed in 2006, leaving staffers in the dumps. A source close to the trial sent us a message about yesterday’s court appearance:

Olsen came with no one -no lawyer, no “friend”, no one. He claimed he has “nothing”. He also claimed to be on disability (whose is unclear) and having a hearing problem, which stopped court so we could wait for a listening device for him… Just so dumb!

They [sic] payroll owed came to $739k and with all the penalties it came to 2.2M. When our lawyer pointed to the box with the number in it, Frank waved his hand and said “I don’t have that money!” The judge said he was really sorry, but it was not a choice and that a judgment had been made against him.

The source also suggests that Olsen’s stashed his cash in an undisclosed, impenetrable location, which could very easily be someplace on his person.