Kenyan Senate Hopeful David Kuria Isn’t Known As The “Gay Candidate”

Kiambu neighbors Nairobi, and its fairly urban, it is also an area where during the colonial period where the colonists settled, and so it is highly westernized. I think that makes people less interested in me as “gay” but more in what I have got to say. This despite the fact, that some radio stations that have branded me ‘the gay candidate.’

Regarding the fact that I am gay, it is not an issue that people have not heard about. In my public engagements people do not want to talk about that issue—it is not because they do not know about it, it is because they make a choice not talk about gay issues or about having a ‘gay’ candidate.”

—Openly gay candidate David Kuria, who is running for senator of Kenya’s Kiambu County in March 2013, to Gay Star News.

Photo: Kuria for Senate