23-year-old man admits to killing 73-year-old lover, encasing his body in concrete-filled bathtub

Image: Honolulu Police Department

A 23-year-old man has allegedly confessed to murdering his 73-year-old lover in Hawaii, encasing the body in a cement-filled bathtub, and attempting to fraudulently acquire the deceased’s million-dollar home and luxury car.

Juan Tjedor Baron (above) was apprehended by federal and state police in California as he was attempting to flee the country, and charged with one count each of second-degree murder, first-degree identity theft, and first-degree theft in the death of Gary Ruby.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Honolulu’s First Circuit District Court, local police responded on March 7 to a welfare check at Ruby’s residence, requested by his brother, Lorne Ruby. Lorne told police he hadn’t heard from his brother in three weeks, and that the last time they spoke, Gary talked about “a new love interest named Juan” who was “significantly younger than Gary.”

When police arrived at the home, located in an exclusive gated community, they were greeted by Baron, who told them he’d purchased the property from Ruby five years ago. When a security guard noted Gary had only bought the home in 2020, Baron allegedly revised his story and said he acquired it from Ruby two years ago.

Authorities returned the following day to search the premises and discovered “a bathtub in the master bathroom was filled with a concrete-plaster substance with a layer of coffee grounds on the surface,” according to the affidavit. They found Ruby’s body encased inside.

By then, Baron had already flown off the island. He was arrested in California on March 9 “hiding in a crawl space under an enclosed bench” in a Mexico-bound bus.

The following day, Baron “waived his constitutional right to remain silent and consented to a Mirandized interview,” during which he allegedly confessed to the murder.

“Baron stated he had sex with Gary but became angry after Gary informed Baron that Gary was HIV positive,” the affidavit states. “Baron stated that soon after, he noticed Gary choked on food, and Baron reacted by placing a belt around Gary’s neck and tightening the belt until Gary lost consciousness. Baron then dragged Gary to the bathtub and used a kitchen knife to slit Gary’s wrists in an effort to stage a suicide.”

Baron allegedly found several bags of concrete in Ruby’s garage — and purchased four more at Lowe’s — and concealed the body in the bathtub. He used coffee grounds to “conceal the smell of decomposition.”

He also allegedly admitted he had concocted a plan to fraudulently acquire Ruby’s 2020 Audi and home with forged ownership papers.

Baron is currently in custody at the LAPD Metro Detention Center without bond as he awaits extradition to Honolulu.