25 Prominent Republicans Stand Up For Gay Rights In Michigan

men-in-black-clip-artWhat do you call 25 retired Republicans?

A bunch of libertarians, apparently.

A group of 25 retired Republicans in Michigan have banded together to join the fight against the state’s same-sex marriage ban, coauthoring a 40-page amicus brief in which they tackle arguments commonly used to defend the ban.

Which is fantastic. Makes me wish there was a time when these brave leaders had the opportunity to affect change at an even more direct level.

Like, say, when they were in office?

Still despite the all too familiar “out of office so now I can finally be a human” vibe to this story, any time a bunch of flag-flying Republicans say something like this it’s a good thing:

“There is no legitimate, fact based justification for different legal treatment of committed relationships between same- sex couples.”

So not only do these guys support the gays all of a sudden, but they’re suddenly against arguments that aren’t fact based?!

That’s some parallel universe Twilight Zone business happening.

The group includes both members of the federal and Michigan state Houses of Representatives, senior party officials, strategists and staffers, with standouts including former state House speaker Rick Johnson and former majority floor leader of the state House Christopher Ward.

H/t: Gay Star News