26 NY Senators Support Marriage Equality, But We Need 4 More…

The New York State Senate legislative calendar only has six more days on it, which means that senators will vote on the state’s marriage equality bill sometime within a week. The bill needs 32 votes to pass, but the Republicans hold a 32-30 majority and only 26 senators have publicly supported the bill thus far. Can we find four more Senators willing to back it? Will Senator Ruben Diaz do a holy victory dance if he and his band of bigots win?

New Yorkers for Marriage Equality have posted a call list so you can persuade the remaining non-supportive senators to do the right thing. Even if you don’t live in New York, you can still call and mention your queer NY friends and the tons of LGBTs who would visit if the bill passes.

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  • Bruno

    Um, math? 32-26 = 6, not 4. And there’s no guarantee of a vote at all, esp. with a GOP controlled Senate.

  • Erich

    Actually, couldn’t it pass with just 5 more senators? That would create a 31-31 tie,
    and the Lt. Governor, a democrat, could cast the deciding vote.

  • GayGOP

    I took the time to call not only my State Senator, but several other wobbling or anti-Marriage, but pro-Civil Union type Republicans and pointed out that New York is under a brain drain. This could keep highly educated folks, like myself, in the state, or attract them to the state, thus pushing their clout up.

  • Bruno


    Probably. But I’d think they’d prefer a clear majority and not have to use the Lieut. I wonder if we’ll ever know if a 31-31 tie was a consideration.

  • Tony

    I’m in NJ….when I thought it was a done deal here in NJ—I was so disappointed when it didn’t happen. But I vow that my partner and I (high income earners, not that it should matter) will leave New Jersey and move to NY if marriage equality passes there.We would much rather pay state taxes to a state that supports equality than one that doesn’t. States that discriminate against LGBT citizens who wish to marry, don’t deserve our tax money…(and p.s. senators…alot of us gay folks make ALOT of money)….just sayin….pass EQUALITY NOW !!!!

  • delurker

    how the hell does a solidly dem state like NY even have a senate with a rethug majority? there must be some nasty gerrymandering going on…

  • Evan

    Your list is outdated. I live in New York and my area (Astoria/Long Island City) used to have the anti-equality Senator Onorato (D) who retired in the last election and now we have the pro-equality Senator Gianaris (D). Also, I grew up on long island where we had the pro-equality Senator Craig Johnson (D) and unfortunately now have the on the fence, leaning towards no Senator Jack Martins (R). So if nothing else those two have to be fixed.

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