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3 Albion College Students Burned The Rainbow Flag During Coming Out Week. Why Aren’t They Being Disciplined?

I’m not quite sure what “appropriate action” means, but Albion College in Michigan insists it took just that after confirming a rainbow flag was burned by students on campus. Apparently desecrating the fag flag yields no punishment.

Albion President Donna Randall won’t discuss specifics of the case citing privacy laws, but confirmed in a statement Campus Safety officers investigated the incident. And then …? And then told the three students it found responsible they wouldn’t face any punishment. While administrators won’t discuss the incident further (that includes Campus Safety director Ken Snyder), the students who burned the flag, interestingly, are speaking.

The “college doesn’t condone this action, and they know people will be upset but it wasn’t public, it wasn’t targeting one person and no one saw it happen,” explains one about why the trio didn’t face punishment. Adds another, who helped burn the flag Oct. 18 after Coming Out Week events on campus: “I am deeply sorry that I didn’t stop the incident from occurring in the first place, sorry to anyone who was affected by it.”

Know who was affected by it? All 1,800 students, plus every member of the faculty and staff. And that includes you too, Ms. Randall. Burning a symbol of an entire class of people is known around these parts as an intimidation tactic, and not punishing the students is an open invitation to see your quad riddled with burning crosses. Because who’s hurt by that?