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3 Awesome Ways the Internet Is Showing Support For Constance McMillen

The Facebook group “Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend to Prom!” stands at 247,000 fans, a number that keeps increasing every hour. But lest you think that’s the only way folks are showing support for the Mississippi high school senior whose school canceled prom rather than let her take her girlfriend, you’d be wrong. Here are three unconventional but fantastic way the Internet is swarming around Constance.

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  • Cam

    I really admire this girl. She doesn’t have millions of dollars or a TV show or access to all the benefits of fame and money. You don’t hear her parsing pronouns or using tortoured logic to try to say she shouldn’t be labeled. She just has a load of integrity and bravery and I really think she is just fantastic.

  • OrchidIsleGuy

    Props and my admiration to her father who advised her to stand strong and also to not avoid her classmates who blamed her (are you kidding me?)for the prom’s cancellation. No wonder this young woman turned out the way she did. I so want a daddy like hers!!!

  • jeffree

    i’m glad the dad was there to support his daughter because i’m positive many parents would of kicked her out of their house. why does anyone care about if she brings a girl to the prom or what they wear!?? its not like they wanted to go and have sex there or try to make other people gay. who looks lilke idiots her? Its the school and the parents compaining who make the school, town, Mississippi look bad. she is a hero.

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