3 Companies With Terrible Policies On When It’s OK to Say ‘Gay,’ ‘Lesbian’ or ‘Fag’


MICROSOFT (Market Cap: $210.11 billion)

The software giant’s immensely popular gaming console Xbox lets players compete over the Internet with the subscription Xbox Live service. Connect some audio headsets to some blood thirst, and teens are ready for an afternoon of murder.

But as many players have learned, some words just aren’t fit for the service. Like … “gay.”

User “xxxGayBoyxxx” was told by Microsoft that the Xbox “community” thought his handle was offensive; was it the use of the word “gay” or those triple-Xs? Either way, it didn’t stop others players from virtually bashing him.

A player who claimed his real name was “Richard Gaywood” was told he also needed to change him name.

Except Microsoft’s standards policy isn’t that clear cut. One user had her account suspended because she identified as a lesbian.

That said, Xbox Live doesn’t ban the words “gay” or “lesbian” from being typed out in the service.