3 Guys Favorite Game ‘Shoot The Homos’ Lands Them in Jail

Mohammad Habibzada, Shafiq Hashemi and Sayed Bassam, all counsins and aged 24, thought it’d be hilarious to shoot their BB gun at a gay man during a drive-by. And videotape it. Hello, hate crime charges. “The victim of Friday’s attack was walking on the 3200 block of 16th Street near Guerrero Street about 10 p.m. when a car pulled up and someone inside opened fire with a BB rifle, police said. The man was hit in the face but refused medical treatment, said Lt. Lyn Tomioka, spokeswoman for the Police Department. He reported the shooting to police, who pulled over a car that matched the assailants’ vehicle a short distance away and arrested the three Hayward men. Investigators believe the assailants chose the victim because he appeared to be gay. When the men were pulled over, police found a video camera that was used to film the shooting, investigators said.” [SF Chron]

UPDATE 3/15: The videos shows eleven other attacks that same night.