gay bashing

3 Lovely Long Island Boys Spend School Bus Ride Beating Crap Out of 14-Year-Old Gay Student

David Spencer, 18, and Chase Morrison, 16, face charges in Long Island of assault and aggravated harassment after beating up a 14-year-old boy on a school bus Tuesday while calling him a faggot, or whatever anti-gay slurs teenage assholes use these days. A third boy, Roy Wilson, 14, was charged with assault, but not harassment because he didn’t name call. The bus driver pulled the bus over until the assault stopped; a bus monitor was also on board. The victim was slapped, stomped on, and kicked. The young men, all students at Nassau BOCES High School, have allegedly been taunting the victim for weeks. On Wednesday morning on the way to school, they taunted him again, throwing slurs and slapping him. They were arrested later in the day.