$3 Million of Your Taxes Supported the Iowa Family Policy Center’s Fight Against Gay Marriage

*Snaps* to the Iowa Family Policy Center, the 503(3)(c) non-profit anti-gay Christian group chaired by former State Rep. Danny Carroll (who last year tried becoming head of Iowa’s GOP), which has received three million dollars in federal funding since 2004 through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of the taxpayer funds? To support the federal Healthy Marriage Program, which IFPC — staunch opponents to same-sex marriage — uses to bankroll its Marriage Matters marriage counseling program. Yes, this is the same organization that pushes for a constitutional amendment banning gays from marrying because being a gay is “more dangerous for individuals who engage in it than is smoking,” and opines that gay marriage “isn’t a civil rights issue. [Homosexuality] is a choice in behavior and as a Christian organization we don’t believe this is a right, it is a sin against Jesus Christ.” Congratulations to the 50 percent of you who didn’t pay federal income taxes this year, and thus didn’t fund this hate group.