3 Months After Launching Southern Voice 2.0, Owner Matt Neumann Wants to Ditch It

Weren’t the owners of the Southern Voice and GA Voice supposed to be at odds with each other? After all, SoVo‘s new (post-Window Media) owner Matt Neumann, of Gaydar Magazine Inc., in February swooped in with one thousand more dollars than GA Voice‘s Laura Douglas-Brown and Chris Cash (who worked at the old SoVo and wanted to buy the brand) to take over the paper’s assets. And because Douglas-Brown and Cash allegedly used SoVo‘s trademark to collect donations for their new start-up (“Save SoVo”), Neumann went after them with a trademark claim. But now they’re thinking about merging the brands?

Neumann closed one paper just seven months ago, so it’s possible the same financial difficulties are hitting him as he attempts to keep SoVo alive; it’s already had some stops and starts and seen the masthead change with the weather.

But now “informal” discussions between Neumann’s Gaydar and GA Voice‘s independent owners are underway, reports Project Q, though it sounds like any eventual deal might just be a trademark swap rather than a merging of editorial operations. Just three months after launching the new SoVo, Neumann now says, “I would not want to see it retired. I would want someone to take over the name and brand.”

Uh, isn’t that what Douglas-Brown and Cash tried to do before Neumann offered $1,000 more at the bankruptcy auction?