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3 Reasons Why Gay Men Will Love Kylie Mingoue’s New Video

The full video for “All The Lovers” is out, and even if you aren’t a lover, you’re probably still going to lose it over Kylie Minogue’s new clip if you are a man who’s into other men. It’s a very simple formula, you see.

3) The video opens with a guy taking his shirt off.
2) Cute guys are necking and rubbing up on each other the entire video.
1) Kylie is in it.

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  • Eric Thor

    I like the “White Elephant”, wonder if it symbolizes something? This probably the most daintiest orgy out there. I don’t even know if I could even consider this an orgy even it so clean.

  • randy

    I wish I were either the casting coach or the costume guy

  • SFNative

    I’m a gay man, and though I like the video concept, I am disappointed in its execution, and I don’t think that I am alone in thinking this.

    Simply put, this video and Queerty post seems to assume that all gay men are:

    1. Skinny or muscular
    2. Smooth

    There are many people (myself included) who find bigger people and/or hairy people beautiful, and we have every right to be equal in what we find beautiful, just as much as gay people in general have every right to be equal with straight people in what we all find beautiful. It’s not a surprise that the bear movement was born over a decade/two ago as a reaction to the un-accepting attitudes of muscular/skinny guys over those who are different looking than them. If the music video above were to do this concept right, it would have included bigger and hairy people – alas, it appears that we do still have a ways to go in this society.

  • AlanInSLC

    I just wish I was mixed up in that group of people. What a fun video that would have been to be a part of.

  • BitchinaThong

    Desperate attempt to stay relevant. And lay off the plastic surgery. You’re starting to look like THALIA.

  • WalMartWannabe

    is this an underwear commercial? And what’s with Kylie’s 80s look?

  • Miguel

    @SFNative: I get what you’re saying, I think… We all get to be equal in identifying and expressing who and what we find beautiful… And that’s why Kylie and her design team should have been forced to put fat and hairy people in her video, whether she and they found fat hairy people beautiful or not.

    If you think fat hairy people are beautiful, make your own damn music video and let Kylie make her art the way she wants. If you don’t find her results beautiful or attractive, don’t watch them.

    Or how about this: play Kylie’s song while watching muted reruns of the Biggest Loser. Win win for everyone.

  • arnau

    @BiM: i was going to post the exact same video! ;)
    though i think Farmer’s one is way better: the way it is directed, the aesthetic, the fact it shows a lot of different types of bodies (instead of only top models lookalikes), the athmosphere and the explicit nudity (that feels more morbid than erotic if you ask me…)
    but Minogue’s is funny and lighter.

  • Ind

    @SFNative: I’m hairy. And even though I see your point, posting it like this makes it look like as if you are the one with a problem. Not Kylie, gay community or anyone else. Relax, it’s a music video. Since when are they supposed to represent everyone? Having more than one race and not only heterosexuals there already is quite a lot.

  • ewe

    Selling skin is so Passe’. The music does nothing for me.

  • Cat Walker

    lame and slow.

  • Lamar

    Personally the song isn’t for me but at least it’s features man-man contact which is still taboo in high profile music videos (even gay icon’s music videos). The more man-man contact is shown in the media such as music videos the less people will oppose it it has clearly worked for female-female contact.

  • sam

    All this song/video does is make me smile from ear to ear.

    It’s not dancey pop really but that’s okay. It’s just HAPPY, something that’s missing from a lot of pop nowadays

    and notice how it’s a big massive sky orgy… but isn’t crass, slutty, trashy or exploitative

    beauuuutiful kylie xx

  • jason

    Sorry but don’t like it. I don’t like these “divas” using cheap porn-like images to sell themselves. If they truly had talent, they wouldn’t need to do it.

  • jason

    Appearance fascism at its worst. Everyone has to conform to a certain look – how sad.

  • Johnny

    Since when does Kylie have to answer to any one, she has every right to have hot young HEALTHY models in her clip. It promotes a positive body image. Time for the FATTIES out there to stop whinging, put down that chip and go for a run. The clip and the song are hot. YAY Kylie xxx

  • jason

    Oh, puh-lease, give me a break. Kylie has always been about Kylie. A minimally talented singer who has used her body to get ahead. Exposing her butt cheeks in carefully orchestrated shots…need I say more?

    If she were truly talented, she wouldn’t need to do this. Of course, she’s not alone. There are tons of other female singers who use their bodies as a marketing ploy. Truly sad, and regressive.

    It’s sad to think that gay men have enabled these regressive depictions of women. Shame on you.

  • Johnny

    @jason: @jason: interesting that you blame gay men for the regression of women….Kylie is all woman and doesnt appear to be forced into anything, She has talent other wise she wouldn’t have been around for over 20 years, she is just not your taste, accept it and move on

  • SFNative

    @Miguel: Thanks for your response. My point was based on not if I thought this music video was beautiful or not (I thought it was very beautiful) but if the music video’s intent is to illustrate the universal humanity among all of us as lovers. Also, I don’t understand your need to include the word “damn” in suggesting that I should make my “own damn music video”, and I find myself wondering if there is anything else that you wish to say to me (or hide from me maybe).

  • Ted C.

    @jason: “A minimally talented singer who has used her body to get ahead”?

    LOL. Her career was built on teenage girls, gay men, and iconic fashions. Her body had very little to do with it.

    Even the whole obsession with her arse (which didn’t happen until she was 15 years into her career) was more about the gold hotpants she was wearing at the time. She brought them back into fashion.

    Not to mention the fact that her breasts are actually somewhat small. If her career was really based on her body, you’d expect her to have bigger boobs.

  • Ricky

    love her. talented (imo, yes) or not, there is no denying that her music has a certain whimsical catchiness to it. It makes me feel like smiling… and feeling happy whenever I hear her sound! It reminds me of my time in Europe. :)

  • L.

    Will proof-read post titles for food.

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