Chris Bryant Reminds Us Why We Don’t Have a Gay Sex Site Account

Everybody, repeat after me: “There is no such thing as privacy on the Internet.” Want to keep something a secret or don’t want your Mom finding out about it? Here’s a hint: Do not put it on the Internet. Do not put it under a fake screename, do not try to disguise it and think you’ll cleverly avoid identification. Take it from someone who spends his days become an instant expert on personalities, subjects and issues– you can do wonders with a well-placed Google search. I know, you’re smarter than everyone else, nobody cares about you and you’re discreet, but I guarantee, someone will find you.

Queerty’s Wheel of People-Who-Will-Be-Made-an-Example-Of lands today on Chris Bryant, the Deputy Leader of the British House of Commons, whose life he says was made “very, very, very, very unpleasant” (The Brits and their skill for hyperbole!) after photos of him in his underwear made it from his Gaydar profile, along with “transcripts of sexually explicit messages he sent to other site users” to the tabloids.

Bryant tells Attitude magazine:

“I didn’t sleep much for about three months.

“Friends of mine were phoned and abused and had their sexuality revealed to their families.

“My family had journalists turning up on their doorsteps.

“It was very, very, very horrible at the time.

“We had a general election since then and I increased my majority, so my constituents … they certainly know everything there is to know about me.”

Will they never learn? And before you write us nasty comments about including said pic, we all know you would look it up anyway and also, it’s the second image that pops up in a Google Image search. The Internet is everywhere! Be vigilant!

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  • Nick


  • Ed

    All that said (and it’s true, and somewhat carelessly ignored at times by many, including myself in the past), to be quite shallow, dudes got a great body at 46.

  • Wolf

    Not mad at you for posting the pic. But I think posting the story about him especially since he is an openly gay male just furthers his trouble. Why go to the bother of ridculing a gay man. je really took enough flack for it in the UK. I thought Queery was better than “The Sun”.

  • ousslander

    I think it’s his stupidity and whining that their mocking. You’re a public person if you don’t want people to know your biz don’t put it out there for everyone to see.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I say Chris looks great in his underwear. We should embrace sexuality. Who knows who will be next – Ryan Seacrest:-)

    Mike Andrews / New Sex Album /
    Previously Featured on Dante’s Cove

  • ousslander

    sorry bout the multiple comments

  • Wolf

    Well considering that this happened in 2006 its really sort of an old piece of trash story. Not even worthy of putting up. Just recycling the mans embaressment.


    Aren’t there more current NEWS or SCANDALS you could be posting?

    Sigh….and you were doing so well.

  • blake


    Japhy reported on an article in which the man gave an interview. Therefore, he is not re-victimizing the man. The story is out and Grant is discussing its affects on his life openly.

    Also, Grant is a high ranking politician. The fact that he published sexually suggestive pictures of himself online calls into question his judgment.

  • Alan down in Florida

    This is a cautionary tale and has little to do with Grant. The point is that there is no privacy on the Internet so you’d better be prepared to deal with the consequences whenever you post anything. It could come back to haunt you.

  • Cam

    He has nothing to be embarassed about, he has a rockin bod for his age.

  • petted

    Boxers or briefs – now we know. He does look pretty good. I think what Grant may have been objecting to about the incident had more to do with what had been done to friends of his who most likely included a number of people who were not public figures thus deserving of a little more respect for their privacy.

  • Darrien

    I doubt that Queerty repeating sections of an interview that Bryant happily gave to a gay magazine about what happened when his Gaydar profile was discovered by the tabloid press is going to embarrass him in the least. He’s open about his sexuality, he’s a senior politician and he was re-elected despite the tabloids attacking him with everything they had. Also, he’s not ashamed of his body and is readily photographed wearing Speedos when he’s competing for the House of Commons swim team (and, btw, his body has improved since his Gaydar days). Basically, Bryant is confident enough to repeat the story knowing that it’s going to be discussed again and used as some kind of morality tale by a variety of different media. So, fair play to Bryant for being willing to discuss what happened and fair play to Japhy Grant for discussing it.

  • petted

    Of course by Grant I meant Bryant – darn multitasking

  • Fred

    Would Bryant have had this to-do if he hadn’t posted a picture that included both his face and his underwear? What if he had posted a G-rated face pic and a headless underwear photo?

  • cruiser

    Not being familiar with the story/scandal I can’t rralyy comment on that aspect, however I would like to addmy comments on the fact that for a 46 yr old man he looks pretty damn good, it looks as though(at least from this picture anyway)that he has managed to keep himself in pretty decent shape for a man approaching “middle age”. Chris; you have nothing to be emabarassed about(except the fact that someone found your photos.)For 46 the man has got a rockin body.

  • Lucius Vorenus

    He is HOT. I want to have sex with him.

  • tavdy79

    Has to be said, he has pretty good abs for a politician. Possibly even comparable with Barack Obama…

  • hells kitchen guy

    Wow, he’s fucking HOT. But I’d want him to open his mouth … British teeth and all … before I consented to do the nasty

  • alan brickman

    politcians have sex all the time..they just don’t look this hot…

  • Jack

    @hells kitchen guy: Go stuff your face with another Big Mac or five, you’ll need the energy for the tractor-pull…

  • scott

    look at those abs. Rock on dude.

  • hells kitchen guy

    @Jack: I’m a vegetarian. I take it your British? Sorry, facts is facts.

  • Jack

    @hells kitchen guy: No, I’m not British, I’m English. I’m also vegetarian. I don’t know what image you have of Britain, but I imagine it’s based largely around Dick Van Dyke’s character in Mary Poppins, and Daphne from Frasier. I find your criticism particularly amusing in light of the fact that America’s main contribution to modern culture is the concept of the ‘dinner-bucket’, and human beings who have to be cut out of their houses. As Jimmy Carr says – ‘It’s a pretty big leap from plate to bucket – but from bucket to trough…?’

  • dfrw

    Politicians sometimes want to have sex! It is shocking! In other news….

  • ioni

    I like him :)
    He is kinda cute, in the nice sort of way…

  • Phoenix (Fuming In Silence, Whilst Plotting Anarchy)

    He has nothing to be embarrassed about.

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