Chris Bryant Reminds Us Why We Don’t Have a Gay Sex Site Account

Everybody, repeat after me: “There is no such thing as privacy on the Internet.” Want to keep something a secret or don’t want your Mom finding out about it? Here’s a hint: Do not put it on the Internet. Do not put it under a fake screename, do not try to disguise it and think you’ll cleverly avoid identification. Take it from someone who spends his days become an instant expert on personalities, subjects and issues– you can do wonders with a well-placed Google search. I know, you’re smarter than everyone else, nobody cares about you and you’re discreet, but I guarantee, someone will find you.

Queerty’s Wheel of People-Who-Will-Be-Made-an-Example-Of lands today on Chris Bryant, the Deputy Leader of the British House of Commons, whose life he says was made “very, very, very, very unpleasant” (The Brits and their skill for hyperbole!) after photos of him in his underwear made it from his Gaydar profile, along with “transcripts of sexually explicit messages he sent to other site users” to the tabloids.

Bryant tells Attitude magazine:

“I didn’t sleep much for about three months.

“Friends of mine were phoned and abused and had their sexuality revealed to their families.

“My family had journalists turning up on their doorsteps.

“It was very, very, very horrible at the time.

“We had a general election since then and I increased my majority, so my constituents … they certainly know everything there is to know about me.”

Will they never learn? And before you write us nasty comments about including said pic, we all know you would look it up anyway and also, it’s the second image that pops up in a Google Image search. The Internet is everywhere! Be vigilant!