4 of Michael Lucas’ Sleaziest Moments Of All Time

Michael Lucas Asks Obama To Help Get Piss! and Farts! Into Canada

Canadian border officials banned Lucas’ raunchy fetish flicks (cleverly entitled Piss! and Farts!) from entering the country. Why? Because the Canadian Policy on the Classification of Obscene Material listed the “ingestion of someone else’s urine… with a sexual purpose” as a red flag for obscene materials.

“I was surprised that a country which is more progressive than the United States, and more open-minded in areas like gay marriage, has some sort of obscenity law that would ban these videos,” said Lucas at the time. So to help his cause while bolstering his titles, Michael Lucas posted an open letter to President Obama asking for his help. Here’s a NSFW urine-soaked butt nugget from that letter:

“I know that one of your points of discussion [with the prime minister of Canada] will be coordinating our nation’s economic stimulus plan with Canada’s. Farts! and Piss!, just two of the productions that were denied importation into Canada, are highly successful titles from my Lucas Raunch line… As our economy teeters on the brink of total collapse, it would be foolish to deny access of such a high quality, proven money maker onto shelves of the Great White North’s porn stores.

[I assume that] when the package [containing Piss!] arrived at Canadian customs, an official took note of the titles, and decided they needed a break from their real job. This (probably male custodian of Canadian law) popped my DVDs into the nearest player, beat off multiple times watching Ryan [Ras] getting his face splattered with my urine, and then reported the material as obscene.”

Lucas later declared that the letter was obviously a joke and has since removed it from his blog. But if you’re into bukkake and stinky starfish, get a load of the other non-Lucas titles held at the northern border: Brown Bath!, Do You Know the MILF-ing Man?, Girls On Fire, Let Them Eat Cum #7, and Shitmaster.

Everybody knows that oppressive governments only ever ban works of genius. Quick, someone order us a copy of Shitmaster! We hear it’s the Citizen Kane of scat.