4 Teens May Have Raped a Teammate With a Hockey Stick. But Everyone Watched


More sad news from Walker Middle School outside Tampa. April’s lockerroom hockey stick raping of a 13-year-old boy has already resulted in four teenagers (pictured) charged with assault, as adults. Now investigators say much of the flag football team watched it happen: “Many members of a Florida middle school’s flag football team were in the locker room when a 13-year-old boy was sexually assaulted by some of his teammates with a hockey stick and broomstick, according to court documents released Tuesday. The teen told a detective that two teammates penetrated him with a stick as many as a dozen times while two others held him down. He said ‘basically the whole team’ was in the room. The boy said the sexual assaults happened over a period of several weeks but it was unclear how many times. … One witness described hearing the victim yelling at the boys to stop. Another said the victim was fighting to get away but laughed when he finally did. Another said there were guys, ‘cheering and yelling’ during two attacks. … ‘It only lasted for about 15-20 seconds then we all stopped and walked away,’ one [suspect] wrote [in a statement]. ‘After it happened I walked up and said we were just playing around and didn’t mean to hurt his feelings.'”