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4 Things We Learned At NYC Gay Pride

America’s largest gay pride celebration went down yesterday in New York City. You are still hung over, so we don’t expect you to read this until Tuesday, but in case you need a brief summation:

• The Catholic Church and queers don’t mix. New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan demanded St. Francis Church stop marching in the parade after a decade of doing so, because the guy is an all-star jerk. So, fine, parishioners still marched, just without a name on their banner.

• Some true VIPs of pride couldn’t make it. Storme DeLarverie, 89, was among those who fought with police at the Stonewall riots in 1969 — the origin of NYC pride — and is, some claim, the cross-dressing lesbian whose fighting with police is said to have started the resistance. Today, DeLarverie lives in a nursing home in Brooklyn, where she struggles with dementia. She’s still bad ass.• But some could! Lt. Dan Choi and Constance McMillen were among the American heroes reppin’. And Matt Maggiacomo was there interviewing flaggots or something. [OurSceneTV]

• Like every year, there were hotties and notties, and we loved every one of them. Except for you, in the yellow neon tank top staring down at the boys on Grindr who didn’t see me walking by and made me spill by entire iced coffee.

• BONUS! Though it’s a sad one: Not even Pride can save New York’s gay bars. View Bar abruptly closed.