4 Types of Gay Websites Schools Should Block

Last summer, the ACLU got the Knoxville and Nashville school districts to retool computer filtering software that blocked students from visiting out over a thousand LGBT sites, including educational sites like GLSEN and The Trevor Project’s homepages. Maryland’s schools just freed themselves from such restrictions. Now students can find gay-positive info on the web, which is awesome. But there are, in fact, sites with LGBT content that should be censored. “Quoi?” you ask? Call us old-fashioned, but students should using their school’s Internet access for educational purposes, not as a way to get ass or read about John Mayer sucking on knobs.

(Let’s get this out of the way: If we recommend a certain site shouldn’t be blocked, it doesn’t mean we’re recommending students have unrestricted access to it. Proper supervision by teachers and library faculty for many of these sites is required. But removing all access to these pages, in a blanket move, isn’t a wise call.)