4 Types of Gay Websites Schools Should Block

Last summer, the ACLU got the Knoxville and Nashville school districts to retool computer filtering software that blocked students from visiting out over a thousand LGBT sites, including educational sites like GLSEN and The Trevor Project’s homepages. Maryland’s schools just freed themselves from such restrictions. Now students can find gay-positive info on the web, which is awesome. But there are, in fact, sites with LGBT content that should be censored. “Quoi?” you ask? Call us old-fashioned, but students should using their school’s Internet access for educational purposes, not as a way to get ass or read about John Mayer sucking on knobs.

(Let’s get this out of the way: If we recommend a certain site shouldn’t be blocked, it doesn’t mean we’re recommending students have unrestricted access to it. Proper supervision by teachers and library faculty for many of these sites is required. But removing all access to these pages, in a blanket move, isn’t a wise call.)

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  • Jon


  • alex

    I found it interesting that Queerty did not make a recommendation as to whether this site should be blocked or allowed.

  • JacobM

    As an aside, my school blocks this website; it falls under the category of “Entertainment”. Websites that fall in the category of “Gay and Lesbian Interest” are also blocked, but those are a button click away from being viewed “for work-related purposes”. (The filter is from Websense, if you’re curious.)

  • bri

    I actually do not thing that the Westboro Baptist church should be blocked. i am an actor and in highschool i was in the laramie project and did many different projects on gay rights and had to know what type of hate these sick and twisted people had. Its good to know what type of hate is out there so we can fight it.

  • Eric

    Queerty wouldn’t have to worry about being blocked if it wasn’t full of boring pictures puseduo-nudity.

    Really mind-numbing stuff.

  • t-bone


    if it weren’t for the hot dude, and occasional hot girl pics I think the site would be school safe, mostly.

  • ossurworld

    Queerty definitely must be blocked until it finds a proper editor of English (or a proofreader).

  • lisa rosenthal

    leave it to queerty to come out in favor of censorship.

  • Drake

    The boy on page #1 is definitely gay if his mommy is always supervising him like that.

  • Sam

    No love for It’s a whole site written by and for gay teens! Practically saved my life back when it was called Oasis Magazine and was “printed” in monthly issues.

  • Justin O.

    Censoring the world isn’t a good way to teach kids about the world. All kids learn from censorship is that some information is good and some information is bad and authorities have the right to tell you which is which. I always say, censorship is a really terrible substitute for good teaching and parenting.

  • zenflo

    I know that teens today have had years to develop potty mouths that define their perceived level of “cred,” but I’m not sure school boards would cotton to the colorful words we often employ in our replies, for fuck’s sake.

  • kyrra

    My school blocks under “Forbidden Lifestyles”…and refuses to change it with simple requests. Prejudice? I think so.

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