4 Types of Gay Websites Schools Should Block


High school sucks, especially when you’re a single LGBT teen. But ads looking for “jizz-eating buttsluts” won’t help such students feel any less lonely or confused. Instead, students should have access to chatrooms and discussion boards where they can interact with other LGBT folks like themselves. Sure, some online chats can get a bit steamy, but they can also be great platforms to discuss coming out, health issues, parents, media, and all sorts of positive development-y things. Plus, it’s a million times better if students can meet other kids through social networking sites or by actually socializing in public, rather than on a site where “a good connection” means an NSA hookup.

BLOCK ‘EM: Manhunt. Adam4Adam. Dating is scary enough without 58-year-olds asking “What U N2?” during free period.
KEEP ‘EM: Facebook. MySpace. Students shouldn’t be spending the school day “poking” their friends, but there’s no reason gay artists’ MySpace pages or GLSEN’s Facebook page should be completely denied.