4 Types of Gay Websites Schools Should Block


Especially since so many school districts seem afraid of discussing LGBT sexual health in their sex-ed classes (if they even have sex-ed), students need access to good information about LGBT physical and mental health. They’re not likely to learn about enjoyable, safe-sex through the condom users on Hot House Backroom. Nor should their research paper on transgender icon Christine Jorgensen inevitably lead them a Students should learn that sex doesn’t just mean orgasms; it also means communication, empowerment, intimacy, and so many other wonderful and affirming things.

BLOCK ‘EM: Nudist societies. Barely legal teens running around the bases and repeatedly sliding into home isn’t age appropriate. And nobody should see their teacher raising his legs like that.
KEEP ‘EM: Sex Etc.’s LGBTQ section. Smart, funny, real-life articles by and for teens about sexual health and politics. It’s about education, not titillation.