4 Types of Gay Websites Schools Should Block


We love us some bitchy gossip, especially when it looks like we might finally have a shot with the latest heartthrob or glamour girl. But it’s like junk food for the brain: fun, but hardly “educational.” If students want to study LGBT celebs, let it elevate the discourse to more than just “who-did-who”? How about why aren’t there more LGBT folks on TV? How does my local news station cover our community? Where can I find movies and music that really speak to me. You can find junk food almost anywhere. But good nutrition is much harder to come by.

BLOCK ‘EM: OMG Blog, PerezHilton. Getting good LGBT celebrity gossip doesn’t have to come with drippy knobs and cooches drawn in MS Paint.
KEEP ‘EM:, Worthwhile celebrity coverage, plus media analysis done with wit and style.