4 Types of Gay Websites Schools Should Block


Students should have access to “both sides” of the gay political and religious conversations: the reasonable side and the hateful side. Hate sites don’t automatically turn students into bigots; the people raising them do. And blocking access to these pages won’t teach students how to recognize and discuss that kind of crap when they see it. So many of these should stay in bounds in certain circumstances — except the pages that aren’t about informing students about the types of hate groups out there, but instead push absolute nonsense.

BLOCK ‘EM: Westboro Baptist’s These sites serve no purpose but to anger and incense visitors. There is no education value aside from reading first-hand what America’s hate leaders are spinning as wisdom.
KEEP ‘EM: WorldNetDaily. The information posted on these “news” sites is horribly skewed and offensive. But blocking them — even the self-labeled “not safe for children” homepage of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, the just-branded hate group— prohibits students from seeing how information can be manipulated. Reading is not the same as believing, and with proper supervision and discussion about the articles on these sites, kids can grow wiser about what constitutes objectivity, and what qualifies as dis- and misinformation.