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45-Year-Old Virgin DeJuaii Pace: I Got Fat By Staying In The Closet

I’m at peace because I made peace with God about it. And I told him, “Listen, You’re the only who can deal with this thing; you’re the only one who can direct me through it. But I’m going to be honest with you, God: “Yes, I like it.” I did three 40-day fasts to get rid of the “demon,” or “the spirit,” of the [gay] lifestyle, as we call it. And [fasting] kept things at bay, but the temptations were there when I wasn’t deeply praying and fasting, and when I re-emerged, the temptations were still there. And I kept saying, “God, if you’re a God who delivers from all manner of [iniquity], then why is this thing still here?” Sometimes it’s not strong for years, and then at moments it’s strong. There’s something that God is doing here that we in the church community need to take a closer look at. Don’t just say, “You gotta get rid of it.” […] I am a real-deal, true virgin. Because my mother and my dad had brought us up [to believe] that the greatest gift that I could give to my husband, my soul mate, is to give to them myself that has not been tainted with anybody else or anything else. And I value that highly. And by the grace of God, [the Lord] has helped me and kept me. […] I attribute my weight gain to not having a voice to speak out about things that were bothering me. And my number one thing was having that temptation to be with women.

—DeJuaii Pace, who appears on OWN’s new show Addicted to Food, is a black, Christian, 45-year-old virgin lesbian gospel singer. Also, a food addict. [via]

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  • Ryan

    “I did three 40-day fasts to get rid of the ‘demon'”.

    …………………..Religion = Brain Disorder

  • prohomo

    So does she embrace herself as a lesbian now or remain deluded that she can overcome her lesbianism?
    Get yourself a sister, sister!!!!

  • Shannon

    Religion screws up more people than anything on this planet!!

  • diane

    dejuaii you act like god didn’t no already what you think god was surprise by you you hung out with gay women that right there is temptation you were surpose to not hang with people like that you were testing yourself if you were really trying you would not be around people like that staying in the word of god its a daily thing you no that don’t you or your one of those part time christians now you have people saying god and his word can back the hell up and thats bad your no solider in his army gods people don’t say he can’t when he can.

  • diane

    no.4 shannon people that don’t no the word of god say things like that when they don’t no how to read the bible go to sunday school and no.1 ryan if only you had one

  • diane

    let me make it clear no.1 ryan A BRAIN THAT IS

  • diane

    dejuaii i don’t no what you think you heard your mother say but i heard a say man and women that’s what god intended and you have to make it right she said she love you because your her daughter but not your life style. i quiet sure if there is a choice she would pick god any day were not going to heaven together each one have to give account for our selfs

  • M. Grant

    After being in the church most of my life (I’m 40!~yaaay!), what I can tell you is that MOST of the people doing all this bible talk have no idea what the bible says and doesn’t say. The referrences (scriptures) they often quote were NOT admonishments against same-sex attraction, it was against IDOLATRY. There were temples in those days with ritual concubines (many were under-age) and their purpose was to engage in all sorts of sexual activities as a mode of IDOL WORSHIP- not because they were gay. This has been confirmed throughout history through archeological, anthropological and, yes, biblical scholarship.

    There has been so much damage done to people in our churches for no reason other than sheer bigotry. Bigotry and IGNORANCE! How dare anyone try to judge the anointing on a person’s life or their belief in God. It reminds me of something I’ve heard before- some have suggested that people die of cancer (for instance) because they didn’t trust God enough for their healing! Have you ever heard anything so callous and insensitive? But that’s how the “church” world thinks.

    Listen: Scripture tells us that “ye shall know them (Christians) by the fruit they bear.” I’ll say it ’till the day I die- REAL Christians feed people. REAL Christians are slow to anger and speak the truth in love. The church?…well, that’s just a business. All you people that are being so hateful toward us God-loving, and yes, ANOINTED gay people, you’re revealing far more about yourselves than you intend.

    Finally, to “Diane”–“Hooked on Phonics works for me!” LOL

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