Ricky Martin and his hunky hubby just became the parents of a newborn baby girl

Ricky Martin, newborn daughter, Jwan Yosef, Lucia

Last night, Latin pop musician and actor Ricky Martin announced the birth of his daughter Lucia.

Lucia is Martin’s third child, following his two older twin sons, Valentino and Matteo. Both sons are about 10 years old.

On Instagram, Martin wrote:

“We are excited to announce that we have become parents of a beautiful and healthy girl whom we have named Lucia Martin-Yosef. This has undoubtedly been a unique birthday and celebration of Christmas in our lives. Both her brothers, Jwan and I are completely in love with our baby and grateful to be able to start this 2019 with the best gift we could receive — the gift of life.”

Lucia’s last name is a hyphenation of Martin’s and his husband’s, Jwan Yosef‘s. Yosef is a hunky artist he secretly married last January. The two first announced their engagement in 2016.

Here’s the Instagram post announcing Ricky Martin’s newborn daughter, Lucia:

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??Nos emociona anunciar que nos hemos convertido en padres de una hermosa y saludable niña a la que hemos llamado Lucía Martin-Yosef. Esto ha sido sin duda un cumpleaños y celebración de la Navidad única en nuestras vidas. Tanto sus hermanos como Jwan y yo estamos completamente enamorados de nuestra beba y agradecidos de poder comenzar este 2019 con el mejor regalo que podíamos recibir, el regalo de la vida. ?? We are beyond happy to announce that we have become parents to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Lucia Martin-Yosef. It has been a special time for us and we cant wait to see where this stellar baby will take us. Both her beautiful brothers and me and Jwan have fallen in love with Lucia ?

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In the past, Martin said that he wished his sons could be gay. That may seem an odd admission, but he explained he wanted his boys to experience the same strength and outlook he discovered upon coming out.

“My kids are too young,” he said, “but I wish they were gay. It is a very special thing. The sensitivity, the way I see now, that I don’t have to hide in any way shape or form. I see colors. And then you see the rainbow. I understand why the symbol is the rainbow. It’s just real. Everything is tangible. It makes me a stronger person.”

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It’s most likely that Martin and Yosef birthed their daughter through a gestational surrogate. But we secretly hope they used stem cell technology to create a child together, something which is biologically possible but has yet to be done, as far as we know.

Considering that he couple has a habit of regularly posting thirst pics on Instagram, their daughter is likely to be ridiculously good-looking … and artistically talented.

Congrats to the new fathers!