49er Chris Culliver Says He Should’ve Known Better, Working With Trevor Project

Chris CulliverAfter today’s big game, San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver’s next big project will be working with the Trevor Project.

From a press release:

Chris recognizes these apologies neither excuse his statements nor sufficiently convey Chris’ remorse for the situation he created, and the people he offended. Regardless of what has been, and what undoubtedly will be said about Culliver’s comments and his subsequent mea culpa, the simple fact remains: action expresses priorities.

It is with this concept in mind that Chris has unilaterally reached out to The Trevor Project to seek guidance and education about the LGBTQ community from the nation’s leading provider of crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. The Trevor Project also provides education services to youth and adults.

Rather than attempt to downplay the severity of the issue at hand, or shy from the situation in the interests of mitigating damage to his reputation, Chris intends to embrace this ordeal as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

One of the more surprising tidbits in the release is the fact that Culliver is the nephew of gay director Andrew Brown, who directed the groundbreaking 1977 doc Word Is Out. According to the release, Brown supports Culliver’s efforts “to educate himself about the true impact of his commentary.”

Said Culliver:

“As an African American male, I should know better. Hate and discrimination have a lasting effect, and words matter. I also have a responsibility to myself, and especially to my young fans to be a better role model. The kids who look up to me and other athletes are the future of our country, and our future deserves better than fear, hate and discrimination…. I was wrong, and I want to learn how to make it right.

 Do you believe Culliver is truly contrite? Sound off in the comments section!

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  • QJ201

    you know the Trevor Project doesn’t need contrite assholes helping them out. Give your cash and stay home.

  • wildgourmet

    i hate to be a cynic, but the press release sounds like the original apology statement–manufactured by pr people. i don’t recall seeing anyone have such a drastic change of opinion this fast on any issue of their own free will. while i hope that culliver truly does have a change of heart and opinion, i want to see that demonstrated, not talked about. actions speak louder than words.

  • jwrappaport

    I can come to terms with this guy’s fake apology, but his lip service to gay rights is insulting to all of our intelligence. Why the Trevor Project wants this schmuck begrudgingly “working” with them is beyond me.

  • Fidelio

    At the end of the day, Culliver (inadvertently) helped expose the bigotry gay people still face in football, he apologized, and now he has reached out to the Trevor Project. This whole ordeal, albeit hurtful to the gay community at the start, has the potential to ending on a positive note. He seems contrite and no doubt he has gotten a lot of correspondence from San Francisco and beyond. I, for one, say let’s embrace him, help him become an ally, and show him some love. That should be the overwhelming message of tolerance that prevails.

  • rand503

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter whether he is sincere or not. We can’t look into people’s minds and read what they really think.

    What matters is that the is backing down, apologizing and taking steps to rectify the situation. This should be applauded. Why? Because it’s exactly what he should be doing! And it’s what we want every single bigot out there to do as well. We can hardly complain when they are doing exactly what we ask of them.

    More importantly, it send a strong signal to anyont else out there ready to spout of anti-gay eptithets, and that signal is that you will create bad publicity, you will have to make contrite statements, you will have to actually, you know, help the very gays you hate.

    Over time, if this happens enough, even the idiots will get the message and keep their mouth shut. I will be happy to run homophobia back to just private conservations, where it is totally hidden. Anything to stop giving oxygen to the homophobes is a good thing.

  • litper

    What are they thinking? Putting that bigot together with suicidal gay kids? He must be banned and fined!

  • Dionte

    I don’t like this hate one day, it’s all good the next. It scares me, no one can be trusted.

  • tazz602

    So what some of you are saying is – “Once a bigot, always a bigot”? You seem to leave no room for a person to grow and change, and if we don’t give them the room to grow then we are proving ourselves to be worse than he is. It’s words now, let’s see if it turns into action and THEN make our judgements. I, for one, applaud his mea culpa and am looking forward to him backing up his words with his actions.

  • jeffjoseph

    While I’m suspect of their alliance, I’m willing to wait and see. I’m hoping he will take this opportunity to really grow as a human being. Only time will tell.

  • Charli Girl

    FIRE HIM!!!! NO EXCUSES! GROWN ASS MAN ACTING LIKE AN INSECURE PUNK! For all the world to see,a lot of teenagers seen just what a punk you are, Hate breeder!
    Walmart needs a host…that’s all you’re qualified for!

  • Charli Girl

    Are you waiting for a teenager to hang themselves after watching this punk! ENOUGH,NO MORE FORGIVENESS!!!!

  • Frozen

    I love this site Rupaul u better work bitch!

  • Nikkidane

    Seriously. Anyone who believes this apology is for real must have had a lobotomy. San Francisco is the gayest city in the world. Do you really think the people in San Francisco would support a team that harbors such homophobic bigots? This is a PR spin to cover his butt and keep him from being fired and losing his multi- million dollar contract. The comments that he made about Gays reflects his true feelings and that doesn’t change overnight. I hope he gets fired.
    I’m also amazed at how little media attention his comments got. If a player had made racist comments towards blacks, we would never hear the end of it.

  • hephaestion

    He should have been fired, and his “apology” was obviously not written by him.

    But if working with the Trevor Project will help educate his ignorant ass, I’m all for it.

  • Cam

    What have we learned?

    We’ve learned that his PR people know how to write an apology.

  • Charli Girl

    Awe 2ndQtr and CULLIVER just got faked out by Jones (just like his apology) and Ravens Score TD!!!!

  • FunMe

    We will know AFTER he does his “training” or whatever it is called with the Trevor Project if he truly has has a change of heart. Didn’t 2 additional team member come out saying they did NOT want to do the anti-bully video (“It’s get better”) because it helps young gays who are considering suicide.)

    We’ll see what “change of heart” he truly has in 1 year. After all, he said NO gay person should come out. We are not stupid. We heard what he said and know the meant it. He is not fully anyone.

    Now is the time for him and his team … to show they will STOP bullying and end discrimination in the NFL.

    It’s up to them to make the change now.

  • FunMe

    sorry for my typos … it is late. Good night everyone.

  • Charli Girl


  • Spike

    Is the Trevor Project that desperate?

    The guy was talking like a 6 year old in the ghetto and he meant every word he said. As soon as the 49ers trade him to a less PC City/team, he will be back to talking about no faggots in the locker room.

  • Charli Girl

    DAMN STR8 HE WILL! which amazes me bc if hes ever been in the South HE KNOWS what its like to be discrimnated against!!! He was just showing off for the boys n it has made ONLY HIM LOOK LIKE A COMPLETE IDIOT,everyone else has distanced themselves from him AND his stupid,childish remarks.

  • mlbumiller

    Agree. so the knows he “ucked” up and is trying to make a change. Accept what he says, give him a chance to prove it. If and when he jacks it up again… then nail him.

  • Charli Girl

    nope! he’s just stroking the WILL know when he’s matured!

  • alterego1980

    From the press releases, hi sworking with the Trevor Project comes across more as a punishment for what he said and much less like an olive branch. Either way, there’s no way he could remain in San Francisco and NOT do something like this to atone. I hope that he takes his time with the Trevor project seriously. If so, it will benefit him greatly

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