It's Saturday Night

5 Gay Funny Men We Want To Host SNL


On Monday, it was announced that Tina Fey would kick off the new season of Saturday Night Live. The premiere will mark her fourth time as a host for the show since leaving in 2006. While we are excited that she’ll be back for another go as host, we can’t help but think of several gay comedians and actors who would be great as hosts of the show in the upcoming 39th season.

1. Billy Eichner


The man on the street would make a great addition to the cast of SNL if only for one night. He’s already gone toe-to-toe with Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch, plus he’s dynamite at dealing with awkward moments. One could imagine what he could have done with a Digital Short produced by Andy Samberg.

2. Jesse Tyler Ferguson


While often playing the straight man on Modern Family, Ferguson still has the comedic timing to play host to the SNL gang. Taram Killam could reprise his Andy Cohen with Ferguson playing an aging Rupert Grint. (Hey, I’m not a writer, I’m just spit-balling here.)

3. Ross Matthews


Okay, Matthews’ style of comedy may not be for everyone. His high shrill of a laugh can be a bit much but it’s also what makes him adorable. He’s like a gay Jimmy Fallon waiting to break during every SNL skit he’s in. And that would be the appeal of his stint as host.

4. Andrew Rannells


Now that The New Normal is off the air, Rannells has plenty of free time to kill. The actor could bring a dark, witty sense of humor not usually seen on the show. That, and a necessary Girls parody that rips him and Lena Dunham to shreds. Given his work on Book of Mormon, he’d have no problem with a live audience.

5. RuPaul


The queen of drag didn’t get where she is today without a little bit of humor. She’s already made a cameo on the show and SNL has even attempted a Drag Race parody in the past. Why not go full force and have the Ru take those comedic drags on?

Bonus: Neil Patrick Harris


Sure he’s hosted already, but his gig was damn funny. He’s proven to be a solid act for boosting ratings and laughs on any given program. Also, his Broadway sketch was priceless.