5 Gay Lady Rappers Who Are (Also) “Better Than Everybody”

2. Dai Burger daiburger1 Who She Is: Dai Burger is the underground sweetheart of Brooklyn’s ghetto goth trap-raves, known for her hyper-colorful outfits and her sick rhymes. “Everybody calls me Dai,” she says, explaining her name, “Burger just came out of nowhere, but I like to think that I’m stacked, and juicy, I got the cheese, got the buns, and I eat every time I show up.” She has previously collaborated with Cakes Da Killa and Jonte (another notable queer artist) and sometimes outshines her partners.

What She’s Up to Now: Internet rumors were circulating that she was going to release a new mixtape this summer, but a Google search turns up nothing. Her Soundcloud, meanwhile, has a few tasty jams to live for.

Choice Lyric: “D.A.I. and it’s followed by a burger/ ’bout to go to jail for this track, shit is murda / But before I take it any further let me address the press in my vintage dress like an empress / Yes and you know I’m extra cunty / Up in Lucky Chang’s where my drag queen aunts be.” 

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  • parting glass

    I absolutely love Azealia Banks and just about everyone else here looks fantastic but I cannot get down with white people who think it’s okay to use the n-word in their music, even if it is just to grab attention. Especially not when their white as the driven snow.

  • thegoon

    Peaches is not a rapper, and besides Azealia and Dai (and that is arguably) none of these women are talented rapper, and hardly better than anyone. This list could have been conglomerated with the other one, and you could have had five decent gay rappers. Let’s be honest, compared to straight rappers like Kendrick Lamar or even Drake, none of these are “better ” than anyone else in the genre.

  • RandallSM

    I could drink the entire contents of a bottle of Windex and come-up with a better submission than Bianca Casady. QUEERTY knows jack-shit about music. Stick to articles about GLEE and/or posting pics of the Franco brothers, you fucking waste of 0’s and 1’s.

  • GeriHew

    This should be called “5 Queer Lady Rappers” etc – that’s assuming any of these women are lesbians. Because Peaches, Azealia Banks & Brooke Candy all identify as bisexual.

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