5 Gay Lady Rappers Who Are (Also) “Better Than Everybody”

2. Dai Burger daiburger1 Who She Is: Dai Burger is the underground sweetheart of Brooklyn’s ghetto goth trap-raves, known for her hyper-colorful outfits and her sick rhymes. “Everybody calls me Dai,” she says, explaining her name, “Burger just came out of nowhere, but I like to think that I’m stacked, and juicy, I got the cheese, got the buns, and I eat every time I show up.” She has previously collaborated with Cakes Da Killa and Jonte (another notable queer artist) and sometimes outshines her partners.

What She’s Up to Now: Internet rumors were circulating that she was going to release a new mixtape this summer, but a Google search turns up nothing. Her Soundcloud, meanwhile, has a few tasty jams to live for.

Choice Lyric: “D.A.I. and it’s followed by a burger/ ’bout to go to jail for this track, shit is murda / But before I take it any further let me address the press in my vintage dress like an empress / Yes and you know I’m extra cunty / Up in Lucky Chang’s where my drag queen aunts be.”