5 Gay Lady Rappers Who Are (Also) “Better Than Everybody”

5. Brooke Candy


Who She Is: The former stripper and club kid daughter of Hustler‘s CFO permanently dressed like a sci-fi villainness, Brooke Candy rose to stardom when she guest rapped on Grimes’ track “Genesis.” But this long-nailed space goddess is now releasing tracks of her own. When asked if she is gay, she retorts nastily, saying that she’s “whatever,” which is pretty much the perfect answer to such a gauche question. It’s no surprise that Candy claims that the current generation of shock-pop stars have ripped off her style.

What She’s Up to Now: Lady Candy has been approached by four major record labels but currently remains unsigned. She’ll be guest rapping on Kylie Minogue’s upcoming 2013 album.

Choice Lyric: “It ain’t your business who I’m fucking with / A dude could fuck three bitches and they’d say that he’s the man / But I get it in with twins, she’s a whore / That’s what they say / It’s time to take the word back, ‘slut’ is now a compliment / A sexy ass female who running shit and confident.”

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  • parting glass

    I absolutely love Azealia Banks and just about everyone else here looks fantastic but I cannot get down with white people who think it’s okay to use the n-word in their music, even if it is just to grab attention. Especially not when their white as the driven snow.

  • thegoon

    Peaches is not a rapper, and besides Azealia and Dai (and that is arguably) none of these women are talented rapper, and hardly better than anyone. This list could have been conglomerated with the other one, and you could have had five decent gay rappers. Let’s be honest, compared to straight rappers like Kendrick Lamar or even Drake, none of these are “better ” than anyone else in the genre.

  • RandallSM

    I could drink the entire contents of a bottle of Windex and come-up with a better submission than Bianca Casady. QUEERTY knows jack-shit about music. Stick to articles about GLEE and/or posting pics of the Franco brothers, you fucking waste of 0’s and 1’s.

  • GeriHew

    This should be called “5 Queer Lady Rappers” etc – that’s assuming any of these women are lesbians. Because Peaches, Azealia Banks & Brooke Candy all identify as bisexual.

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