5 Gay Rappers Who Are “Better Than Everybody”

2. Mykki Blanco


Who She Is: Mykki Blanco was described by the Village Voice as a “gender ninja.” This drag queen rapper is not pumping out songs about heels and wigs (although she does look great in them) and is instead pushing buttons with deeply dark and menacing lyrics. Perhaps closer to performance artist than rapper (seriously, her shows are spookily intense) Mykki might be the most avant-garde of the gay-rap bunch (although, as she often explains, she has mixed feelings about being grouped in with other gay rappers).

What She’s Up to Now: Mykki was, just this weekend, the surprise hit of the Afropunk festival in Brooklyn after releasing her near-perfect mixtape Betty Rubble: The Initiation EP.

Choice Lyric: “What the fuck I go to prove to a room full of dudes / who ain’t listening to my words cause they staring at my shoes?”