5 Gay Rappers Who Are “Better Than Everybody”

3. Cakes Da Killa


Who He Is: Cakes Da Killa may not be quite as famous Mykki or Le1f but his rapping skills are on par (and perhaps surpass) the other two. A pretty-faced guy whose songs deftly mix trap, bounce, and EDM with aggressive lyrics to match, this is not one dude you want to fuck with. Always styled impeccably and with a hilarious Facebook page permanently in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, you probably should download The Eulogy before you finish this paragraph.

Where He Is Now: Newly arrived in NYC after a European tour, he’ll be playing at The Flat in Brooklyn this Saturday.

Choice Lyric: “Hit me on grindr so I know where to find ya / Pull up to my crib in your new pathfinder / Smelling like sex with a twist of the ganga / That thing in your lap looking like it’s a problem.”