5 Gay Rappers Who Are “Better Than Everybody”

5. JBDubs


Who He Is: A classically trained ballet dancer (with the insane body to prove it), JBDubs is the only white boy on this list, but he can hold his own. His video “I Hate My Job,” (which featured the artist in a white button down, tie, red high heels, and little else) went viral a little bit ago, but his newer jam “Pantywaister” is sure to please.

What He’s Up to Now: Lately, JBDubs can be caught dancing and rapping at Williamburg’s Trash Bar and at Webster Hall’s weekend parties. He usually comes with a few muscular back-up dancers and some tightly choreographed routines.

Choice Lyric: “Bitch, you Meowth and I’m Pikachu / Open up your mouth and I’ll shit into it / Yes, I swear I’ll do it / Call me a fag and I’ll get to poo-ing”