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5 Hot + Historic Silver Screen Kisses to Celebrate the Great Global Kiss-In

This weekend LGBT folks around the world will fight homo- and transphobia by publicly swapping spit in the Great Global Kiss-In. But when you’re done re-applying lip-gloss or popping Valtrex, brush up on these five monumental, silver-screen gay kisses that brought us all the way from the celluloid closet to Brokeback Mountain. Pucker up!

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  • Jade Plant

    Actually if you watch closely the kiss Buddy Rogers gives Richard Arlen in “Wings” is not on Arlen’s mouth; it’s directly to the left of Arlen’s mouth.

  • fredo777

    @Jeff: The one with the darker hair is really handsome.

  • David Ehrenstein

    You forgot “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “My Beautiful Laundrette.”

  • jason

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that the San Franscisco gays – those paragons of activism (cough, cough) – were going to have their kiss-in in Castro Street. Puh-lease, give me a break.

  • alan brickman

    wings shows that straight guys do love each other without being gay….stop the straight hate….

  • Jon (yep, the other)

    it’s really too bad that this clip from “Wings” is such bad quality. If you ever have a chance to see the restored and time corrected version it will blow your mind not only as beautiful cinema, but taken in historical context it is a stirring film.

  • comixbear

    The Wings was romantic, but I couldn’t help but breaking out laughing when the line was posted on how he was trying to get just one more heinie for him! ;)

  • Shade

    Looks like the Morocco clip leads to wings. Youtube has the clip if you search morocco and Marlene. I’m not sure if it’s allowed to post links in comments.

  • Queerty is obsessed with Jarret Barrios. ZZZ. (John from England)

    My Beautiful Laundrette blows ALL these movies out of the water when it comes to celluloid kisses!

  • myrios123

    Wings clip was romantic, beautiful, and so sad.

  • Daniel

    The reason I didn’t choose My Beautiful Laundrette is because it wasn’t a “first” in the same way these movies are. Laundrette was 1985, True Love was 1982.

  • Daniel

    @David Ehrenstein: Oh, also we did mention Sunday Bloody Sunday and my reasons for not including it on page 5 of this article.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Daniel: Harry Hamlin is a bigger deal than Peter Finch?

    In What Alternate Universe?

  • David Ehrenstein

    “Sunday Bloody Sunda” also contains my favorite line of dialogue in the entire history of the cinema: “Here come those tired old tits again!”

  • ossurworld

    Those too young fail to understand the differences between 1928, 1968, and today.

  • Eminent Victorian

    These are good selections. I’d never seen the “Wings” clip and so now will seek the movie out, so thanks for that!

    What about Derek Jarman’s “Sebastiane” from 1976?

  • Geoff M

    I remember watching Johnny Carson because Kate Jackson was going to be on *very gay 10 year old* and she was promoting this movie. I got so excited, because this genre was so so rare. Carson was VERY uncomfortable when she described the movie and showed the clip…which wasn’t even between Ontkean and Hamlin. I had to wait until I was in highschool seven years later to secretly rent it from the video store. Great choice to include this!

  • jason

    What concerns me about this “great global kiss-in” is that it’s got all the hallmarks of a neatly packaged stunt, one that can be folded and put away until the next year. Moreover, consider the fact that the San Francisco one is being held in Castro Street. LOL. It’s like holding an anti-nuclear protest in front of Greenpeace’s headquarters.

    Where is the radicalism in it? Where is the subversiveness? Where is the challenge to sleazy straight guys and their female enablers? I frankly can’t see any. We ought to be holding our kiss-ins in front of every single fucking institution that is homophobic, conservative or liberal.

    Include straight nightclubs that ban gay men from entering, include Hollywood movie studios that filter out our stories and lives from movies, include record companies that have a policy of banning male-male sensuality from music videos, include porn companies with their bisexual double standard, include the headquarters of the NFL.

    Unfortunately, we’ve fallen into the trap in recent years of wanting to be “nice’ and “not offensive”. We’re not going to get fucking anywhere this way.

  • alan brickman

    i agree with Arthur Laurents…Dietrich did it better than anyone…support her more!!!

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