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5 Lesbian Indie-Rockers You Need to Know About


Daniel Villarreal last shared five homo-hop artists that should be on your radar.

Mention lesbian rock, and whatever part of your cerebral cortex stores this sort of thing will immediately pull up two words: Lilith Fair. But Sarah McLachlan’s traveling festival of female musicians took its last breath in 1999 — and yet, miraculously, girls on guitars haven’t disappeared. Indeed, the spirit of the lesbian rocker lives on in all its Sapphic glory. Last month in San Francisco, a handful of up-and-coming lesbian musicians played at the queer arts and music festival Homo a Go Go, the perfect hunting ground for sibling guitar rockers, comic rappers, post-punk paranoiacs, and a handful of other bad-asses (like Girls In A Coma, pictured) willing to rock you a thing or two about heartbreak, wolf poop, and the ukele. Hooking up with “the third sex” never sounded so good.