5 Must-Have Amenities For the Gay Prince’s New Indian Retirement Home

How have you not heard about the gay Prince of Rajpipla, Manvendra Singh Gohil? His royal parents famously disowned him when he came out, he went on Oprah to talk about his HIV activism, and he traveled icognito to find his true love. Well now the fabulous prince wants to build India’s first old age home for gays. And though he’s already decided on a including spirulina farm for medicinal use, he’s still planning the rest. So here’s five good suggestions for the wealthy prince’s community and we’re not just talking Jazzercise classes. Our features would excite even the Golden Girls.

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  • j

    Always admired this guy for not taking the easy road. I mean, if I were to inherit what he would there’s a real chance I wouldn’t come out, and I’m open with everyone I know. It takes alot of guts to do what he did, especially in a country like india. Props.

  • ossurworld

    So he wants to build a Club Med for old sugar daddies?

  • Samwise

    @j: Amen to that. Manvendra is seriously brave. And it’s wonderful that he’s setting up this old age home. While we’re fantasizing about its palatial library with audiobooks and braille and whatnot, let’s not forget about good old fashioned large print.

  • jeffree

    This guy is nine kinds of fierce! In a culture where being gay makes one an “outcast” he’s still fighting, dreaming, & planning.

    They should also consider a small theater with good A/V equipment, so they can make YouTube vids. We need more sassy seniors re-enacting zany scenes from movies or episodes of The Office, Monty Python, 30 Rock, and Golden Girls—done Bollywood style.

    Great article, Daniel V. Funny stuff, well-researched.

  • declanto

    He was one of three princes on a BBC special, one of the other princes was from some tribal dynasty in South Africa. Mavendra faced him and his bigotry down with such cool and aplomb it gave the word “royal” new meaning.

  • Joe

    Where is the second picture from?

  • jay

    well good news is that his parents owned him back!

  • Zelia

    I have the highest regard for Manvendra, and have propmised to send him seeds from Tokyo for his spirulina farm.

  • William

    This will never work. Senior citizens and curry do not mix.

  • declanto

    It may be ayurvedic herbs, hindu medications.

  • counterpoll

    Why does spamolot about dating web sites and some supah-model get through yet our posts get consistently sent to the ‘time out’ room for mood-er-ation?

  • Diya

    Um, you’re an “outcast” in the US if you’re gay, too. Gays can’t even get married here, so stop acting like India is SOOO far behind!

    Dumb homonationalists.

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