5 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Willam Belli on Tumblr – NSFW

If you love Willam Belli as much as we do, chances are you’re following him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Well, we’ve come up with these five sickening reasons why you need to start following him on Tumblr as well!

#5 – Willam GIFs!

Willam already looks amazing in photos, so getting to see him in moving GIFs is twice as amazing! Plus, don’t his legs look sexy as hell in the GIF below from the final runway at the Marco Marco’s fashion show?!

#4 – Amazing Willam Humor

Willam is hilarious no matter what he does, so why would it be any different on Tumblr?

#3 – Willam Teases His Upcoming Projects

Before he uploaded his uncensored how-to tuck video to XTube, he uploaded this teaser image to Tumblr. This type of “nudity” image isn’t allowed on Facebook and Instagram, so you need to follow him on Tumblr to get sexy images like this!

Willam Tumblr 08

#2 – Willam Shares Hilarious GIFs of Other Queens

Even though Willam told us that he is rooting for ABC (Adore, Bianca and Courtney), he’s not afraid to share hilarious GIFs of Courtney falling on her ass.

#1 – Willam Answers Fans Questions

Get answers to all your pressing Willam questions, with all the Willam humor we love. Before you shoot him a question, be sure to check out his frequently asked questions section.

Willam Belli Tumblr Willam Belli Tumblr Willam Belli Tumblr Willam Belli Tumblr Willam Belli Tumblr Willam Belli Tumblr

Now go follow him on Tumblr, goddamnit!