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5 more shows to stream that feature full-frontal male nudity

Taylor Zakhar Perez in Minx (HBO Max)

Penises are having a real moment on TV these days. Whereas network execs seem to have traditionally shied away from full-frontal male nudity—while offering up plenty of naked ladies—more and more cis male actors are dropping trow on the small screen recently.

The last few months alone have seen a ton of phalli in prestige dramas as well as comedies—and some of them are even real! Even venerable publications like Vanity Fair and The New York Times have taken notice!

Far be it from Queerty, a totally comparable media institution, to ignore this extremely relevant and thoroughly thought-provoking trend. Hence: more excellent shows on which you can see wang!

And Just Like That…

OK, this one might be stretching the category of “excellent,” but it’s worth noting that in Episode 8 of this batty Sex and the City reboot, sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) comes face to face with her first penis ever. Like, literally. The episode find Carrie stressed about her fabulous and very sexually active new neighbor. She drops by to make friends only to be greeted by the younger woman’s latest devastatingly handsome paramour wearing only a towel. Carrie drops…I dunno, a library card or something, and when she crouches down to retrieve it, the guy accidentally drops his towel, exposing his manhood in all its glory. Note to Michael Patrick King and co.: more of this, less of Che! Also, there was that one scene where Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is blowing her husband, but that was just a prosthetic.


Ah, Minx! In addition to being absolutely delightful and hilarious and smart, this show about a feminist publisher (Ophelia Lovibond) launching a skin mag for women in the 1970s features so much bone! Like, so much! It’s a real mixed bag of actual full-frontal and prosthetics—which actually might make for a fun drinking game? Like, take a shot if you think it’s real? Also, did I mention this show is just the best? Yay, Minx!

Pam & Tommy

Obviously, you can’t do the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee story without featuring possibly the most famous celebrity peen in the history of celebrity peens. And look, there’s no sugar-coating it: the show is problematic. I’m not here to celebrate Lee, who was convicted of spousal abuse in 1998, and seems like a generally gross person. But Sebastian Stan’s incredible talking prosthetic dong (voiced by the ever adorable Jason Mantzoukas)? That’s…noteworthy. Talk about Puppetry of the Penis, right?

The Deuce

A series about the dawn of the 1970s American adult film boom is bound to have a lot of nudity, and The Deuce certainly didn’t disappoint on that front. I can’t say whether the show broke even on its male-to-female ratio, but honestly that’s beside the point. David Simon and George Pelecanos’s series, which ran on HBO from 2017–2019, is a minor masterpiece! Come for the D, stay for three seasons of evocative, fascinating and ultimately moving TV.

The Righteous Gemstones

While doing press for its first season in 2019, The Righteous Gemstones executive producer and director, Jody Hill promised “a d–k in every episode or close to it.” Of course, the HBO comedy about a dysfunctional televangelist family isn’t exactly aiming to titillate. “I don’t know if you’ll like the d–ks that are in the show,” warned series creator and star Danny McBride. The full-frontal male nudity on Gemstones is played for comedy. Still, it’s there if you want it!

Here are five more if you need some additional reading material.