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5 Speakers Who Want Ann Coulter’s Place on GOProud’s Homocon Podium

Right-wing hate monger Peter LaBarbera has asked Ann Coulter to reconsider her appearance at GOProud’s 2010 Homocon Event. He’s right, she should step down — but not because she says awful things about gays. (Gawd, she’s just kidding, alright? Stop complaining like the blacks). No, Coulter must stand down because she has no right hogging the homophobic lectern all for herself. What about all the other great homotastic conservatives dying to speak at Homocon? We’ve got some ideas on other guest speakers (and their choice talking points) who would love to host GOProud’s self-loathing soiree.

Attendees please note: Though GOProud is holding the event in the depraved liberal orgy that is New York City, we’re certain executive director Jimmy LaSalvia is working hard to find the most homophobic venue possible so that you can feel comfortable in the fact that you’re not the only person repulsed by your lifestyle. Please stay tuned.