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5 Speakers Who Want Ann Coulter’s Place on GOProud’s Homocon Podium

Right-wing hate monger Peter LaBarbera has asked Ann Coulter to reconsider her appearance at GOProud’s 2010 Homocon Event. He’s right, she should step down — but not because she says awful things about gays. (Gawd, she’s just kidding, alright? Stop complaining like the blacks). No, Coulter must stand down because she has no right hogging the homophobic lectern all for herself. What about all the other great homotastic conservatives dying to speak at Homocon? We’ve got some ideas on other guest speakers (and their choice talking points) who would love to host GOProud’s self-loathing soiree.

Attendees please note: Though GOProud is holding the event in the depraved liberal orgy that is New York City, we’re certain executive director Jimmy LaSalvia is working hard to find the most homophobic venue possible so that you can feel comfortable in the fact that you’re not the only person repulsed by your lifestyle. Please stay tuned.

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  • GOProud Tea Party Homocon

    Bring on libtarded haters! GOProud is the future!

  • greybat

    Bad Queerty! No! No! You’re starting to make me want to ATTEND!

  • adman

    [email protected]GOProud Tea Party Homocon: LIbtarded? Haters? You must have learned these powerful rhetorical skills at the bible college around the corner from the 7-11. Libtarded, really? *scratches head*

  • GOProud Tea Party Homocon

    @adman: You people are pathetic!

    Instead of supporting LGBT group trying to gain foothold and work on hearts and minds of the Conservative Movement you are siding with true bigots who want to pretend there are no gay conservatives. You are no different from Peter LaBarbera, just like him you desperately want to deny Gay Conservatives the right to exist.

    We are here! We are GOP queer! Better get used to us, bigots of all stripes!

  • Lexy

    Is Sarah Palin’s imaginary gay friend from Look at this Fucking Hipster?

  • randy

    “Instead of supporting LGBT group trying to gain foothold and work on hearts and minds of the Conservative Movement you are siding with true bigots who want to pretend there are no gay conservatives.”

    There are gay groups that happen to be conservative, and there are conservative groups that happen to be gay.

    The former work together with other gay groups to advance gay rights. The latter work to promote the conservative agenda. I have no idea which one GOProud is, but by the way they have acted (which is the only true measure of any organization), they seem to care more about irritating liberals than advancing any sort of agenda.

    Until the organization gets some grown up leaders who can be taken seriously, and actually work to advance our right — and perhaps get a success or two under their belts — they will be viewed as a bunch of frat boys playing pranks on the libtards.

  • Ponyboy

    Well what do you know, GoProud is just another freeper front, right down to the lingo and buzzwords.

    Fake internet queers are the worst kinds of people.

  • Ryanthehulk

    First of all, I thought that Meghan Mccain was our designated Republican hag. If she can’t make it we have Cyndy Mccain and former first lady Laura Bush as backups.

    P.S.- Would the Bush twins be up for it?

  • GOProud Tea Party Homocon

    @Ponyboy: Whoa! We are here! We are GOP queer! Bigots better get used to us!

  • julilove

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  • Jeffree

    Great Job Queerty on filtering out the spamalot!

    Remind us loyal readers please: who minds the boards here?


    @Jeffree: J that would be no one…… :-p

    And as to the Gay repugnaticans…….Don’t you guys realize they really, really don’t like you guys? It is the same with the “reaching out” to the Black community. They need to show “hey we like Black guys too” after Obama was elected and appointed Steele the Chairman of the GOP, yet they all can’t stand him and give him zero respect. They can’t say what is really in their hearts, that they would prefer a lilly white male party, so they halfheartly tolerate the Gheys and a few Black politicans……….

  • Queer Supremacist

    @randy: GOProud has no agenda. Just desperately trying to fit in with immature fratboy douchebreeders. Notice how all the Republicans and conservatives who are actually freakin’ pro-gay (as in 100% supportive of homosexual equality, not 80%, not 75% and not 50%) are speaking before Log Cabin Republicans and think GOProud is a joke.

  • Bill Perdue

    @GOProud Tea Party Homocon: You and QSKapo are the future only if the country goes NAZI, and I doubt that’ll happen.

  • GOProud Tea Party Homocon

    @Bill Perdue: Did you get your tickets to Iran already?

  • Dennis


    Yeah, making our country “safe” for tax cuts for rich people at the expense of everyone else, safe for ZERO corporate accountability or oversight, safe for tolerating discrimination against immigrants, religious minorities, and the financially disadvantaged…

    Seriously, GO FUCK YOURSELVES…no self respecting, sane queer person wants anything to do with ANY of you. Nobody cares if you suck dick or take it in the ass, you are not part of the LGBT community as most LGBT people understand it. You are nothing more than traitors to the cause of true liberation and equality and are not worthy of our respect or support.

    If the LGBT movement had been left up to the likes of you, we’d have made NO progress at all, and the limited successes we’ve actually had would be non-existent. Have fun sucking Ann Coulter’s cock, I’m sure she really deserves some ‘payback’ for all the great things she’s done for out community…excuse me while I vomit…

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Dennis: Religious minorities who hate gays SHOULD be discriminated against.

    @Bill Perdue:
    You’re calling me a Nazi? You’re the one calling for the destruction of Israel and forcing the Jews to live under Palestinazi rule, like you did here:

    KapoQS, the zionist colony in Palestine has no shred of legitimacy. It’s a terrorist colony founded by mass murderers like Begin and Shamir (Deir Yassin). Gays are murdered and harassed in the zionist colony.
    Those colonists will have to learn to live in a democratic secular Palestine or face the consequences of what always happens to those who commit the crimes of apartheid and ethnic cleansing.
    Zionism is racism.

    Listen, donal1944 at msn dot com, you have lied to me, you have libeled me, you have taken my words and twisted them out of context. If you don’t want a lawsuit for harassment on your hands you get the fuck out of Queerty and take the next flight to one of those gay-loving Muslim countries you stick up for. I’m sure they’ll be impressed by your hatred of Israel and of the Western Civilization that made gay rights possible.

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