800% MANLY

5 Ways China’s ‘No-Sissies’ Elementary School Could Awesomize The World!!!1!

Finally, a Chinese elementary school has gotten tired of boys who skip rope and cry when yelled at and have started a program that will encourage the little sissies to act like real men. Now hairless young boys with the bodies of Michael Jackson will enjoy manly treasures like fighting and vomit instead of womanly crap like “feelings” and art. Of course, a bunch of queers are crying over how much it’ll mess up those little dudes, but all those queers are FAGZ!!! On the contrary, if China plays their knives right (because cards are a woman’s game), there are at least five ways this new generation of mega-manly Chinese stallions could lead their country into the world-stomping global superpower they totally deserve to be. Are you prepared for the Dude World Order? No, no you are not.

Note: Sarcasm ahead! If you don’t understand the concept, we recommend visiting another URL.