5 Ways Gays Outflank Straights When Hunting For Love Online

American media typically features three variations of gay news stories: asshole bashes queer, asshole promotes homophobia, or asshole removes shirt. However this week the dating site OK Cupid delivered some unexpected gay nuggets by releasing stats about their 3.2 million gay and straight users. Though their study skewed young and didn’t include bi or trans folk, it still yielded some interesting bits like how often homos cruise straights, the differing interests of hetero and lesbian women, and America’s most bi-curious cities. Wanna know more? Of course you do…

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  • TomEM

    Impressive: You folks did an excellent job writing this up, and arranging it, for Queerty.

  • Lawrence

    I have never been so happy to live in Canada! :P

  • Chris

    Uh, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that way more than 1 percent of gay men have had more than 20 partners. I doubt they’re using OK Cupid, though, considering I’d never heard of it before reading this article. Wonder what the stats from adam4adam would look like?

  • Charlie

    Errrrrrr… here’s the thing with OK Cupid. Even if someone doesn’t get to actually see your responses the internal system will keep you from matching up with people that are outside of what you say you want. So it is tempting to not answer questions accurately so that you seem like a better match.

  • Charlie

    It’s probably also worth pointing out that OK Cupid only has the data for people who are actively looking for a relationship. Gay folks that just want to hook up won’t be counted on OKCupid.

  • Ash

    @Lawrence: Haha, me too! That orange was a happy sight to see.

  • TR

    Oregon oh oregon! the bi-curious-est state in the union!!!!
    so proud to be from the beaver state.

  • dukeofhurl

    Ummm…correct me if I’m wrong but is Queerty failing at geography now, too? Oregon appears to be the most red state in that map, not Washington.

  • Nate

    1. I want to move to Canada.
    2. There is no way strait men are as horny as gay men…unless they are horny because they are not getting any.
    3. congratulations quested, this report is amazing, and very nicely put together

  • fabul0us03081992

    I have a friend and he is a gay. I always try to find some perfect guy for him and even create an accountant here And at last he is happy and even engaged! I am so happy for him=) I can’t wait his wedding=)

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